Hiring Value: 3 Things Your Business Should Look for from Any Applicant

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Employees play a large and critical role in the success of a business, so it’s extremely important to choose the right ones. That means looking for specific things throughout the interview and hiring process. There are many factors that go into making your selection, depending on the field and type of job, but here are three things that are most important to look for no matter what spot you’re filling.


Previous Experience and Education

Unless you’re hiring people for minimum wage jobs, previous experience and education are going to be the biggest factor in the hiring decision. Someone who’s obtained a license, degree, or has obtained valuable experience in your desired field has proven that they’re capable of learning and already have the core skills necessary to take on the job.

Just as unlicensed personnel don’t offer the same quality of care as licensed nurses, an untrained or undereducated professional may not be up to the task. When hiring, you want to be absolutely certain that the person you’re bringing in is going to be capable of performing the duties specific to the job.


Strong Character Traits

Many times, employees must be fired because they possess character flaws, such as tardiness, stealing, etc. that are deal breaking. When hiring a new employee, no matter what the position, it’s important to be sure that they are someone you can trust. It may be hard to know for certain whether a new hire meets your character standards, but you can always check references or contact previous employers to see what other people have to say about the person’s work ethic.

It’s also important to read between the lines when looking at a candidate’s job history. Have they been able to move up the corporate ladder or have they stayed stagnant for a long time? Have they been loyal to the same company for years or jumped around a lot? These details should give you an impression of what they may be like as an employee at your own company.


Do They Share Your Business’ Passion?

If a prospective employee doesn’t know much about your organization or its mission, that should be an immediate red flag. They don’t need to be your company’s biggest fan or have dreamt of working for you since birth. They just need to be somewhat enthusiastic about your company’s mission and goals. If they’re enthusiastic about your company, odds are they will be there for the long haul and work to keep your company moving in the direction you see it going.

An applicant that has a passion for the work can easily make up for any shortcomings they may have. If they’re motivated, it wouldn’t be hard to help a passionate employee learn more through any number of MBA programs online, or whatever will make up a deficit.

These three things should each be extremely important factors in your hiring decision, and hopefully, you receive a number applicants who have all of these traits. In the end, it’s best to follow your gut and hopefully make a decision that you won’t regret later on.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019
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