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Hireland.ie invite you and your business to become a part of the solution to Ireland's biggest problem.

We have all spent a lot of time over the last few years cutting costs and scraping by to just survive. But we aren't in business to survive, we are in business to succeed. In fact, we want to thrive. Hiring someone sends a message to your customers that you can do more for them. It sends a message to your competitors that you are better than them. It sends a message to your colleagues that you will succeed by expanding and doing better. 

Hireland is movement created by business owners in Ireland to get the economy going and to deal with the human and economic fallout in unemployment. We ask businesses to think differently about hiring and encourage them to hire just one more person. Every single person hired creates ripples in a lake full of opportunity that, until more recently, was frozen in fear.  By giving businesses a chance to play their part, we are giving small businesses in particular, a way to celebrate the creation of a single job. We give them encouragement, the opportunity to find the right person and the knowledge of the impact that this job has. In return, collectively, we create a mood of opportunity and positivity. We celebrate jobs in their ones and twos, jobs created in local businesses across the country that we don't hear about on the news, jobs that relieve fear. This is Ireland's collective entrepreneurial spirit working at its best. 

Since the conception of Hireland in 2011 by Lucy Masterson, Michael Killeen and a group of industry specialists, over 8,000 jobs have been pledged on the Hireland website. Of this, at least 5,300 people have been hired. Thousands of small and micro businesses have publicly announced that they are going to hire an extra person. This makes them accountable and sends that message to their customers and competitors. It also improves staff morale, and as a result productivity increases. The benefits are enormous. In addition to this, the person hired has that little bit extra to spend in their back pocket, benefiting their families, their local economy and in turn, the national economy, not to mention their mental health.

For people reading this who want to join the Hireland movement, the action is simple: hire someone. We know that making a pledge in public can be nerve wrecking and we know that the best laid plans can go awry. But if you truly believe that your business will hire a new person this year, now is the time to stand up and be counted. You never know, your action may encourage another company to take the plunge and that is the beginning of the recovery. Not only will you feel great for the impact you are making, you will also reduce your workload while potentially increasing the overall productivity of your business. 

The battle with unemployment is not won yet and we know not everyone is in a position to pledge right now or to hire someone for that matter, but there are other ways you can help; Pass it On: What you do by word of mouth with your networks will help enormously. Maybe you've spotted an opportunity that your boss hasn't, pass this on to him/her and encourage them to get on board. Stay engaged: please tell us what you think on our forums and keep the positive momentum going. The time is now to invest in success and the people we hire are the most important investment we can make.

To find out more or to pledge visit www.hireland.ie. To pledge press the pledge button. It takes just 2 minutes and is free. You can also post your job on our free jobs board. Find us here: https://www.facebook.com/hirelandIE / https://twitter.com/hire_one

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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