Hilarious Gumtree Ad Can Teach Your Online Business About Going Viral

It’s hard to think of a business that wouldn’t want to go viral and reach out to millions of people on the internet.  A single viral hit can completely change a business and set it on course to grow exponentially.

But, despite all the lip service, online marketers and small business owners have still not figured out how to get their content to spread like wildfire.

Which is why you should take a look and learn from this hilarious Gumtree ad that went viral.

It’s hard not to chuckle while reading this ad. Gold Coast native John Gibson put that ad up on the Aussie version of Gumtree and got over 100,000 views - the very definition of going viral.

So, how did Gibson do it? And how can you take do something similar for your business? Well, here’s a few pointers:

Be Relatable

The trick is to be charismatic in a very relatable way. People find it easy to relate to that Aussie bloke who doesn’t like that “airy-fairy boutique beer.” This viral post reads like something your best friend would have written in a private message, which is the key to connecting with millions of people instantly.

Richard Branson is a master at this. Have a look at his twitter handle (@richardbranson) and you’ll see photos of him having a beer on the beach or simply taking a look out the window of his Virgin Airlines aircraft. Whether he’s talking about work-life balance or the Brexit vote, he’s always casual and friendly.

It’s a simple theory - people relate to people, not corporations. You have to be approachable and friendly if you want to connect to people online. Then take it to the next step.

Say Something Share-worthy

Once you’ve connected with a group of people online, going viral depends on how share-worthy your message is.

There’s a lot of noise on the internet. There are 6,000 tweets every second, 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and 32 million Facebook messages are sent every minute.

The web is crowded and noisy, so to stand out you have to say something unique. Something people can share with their friends and family. Gibson’s post is share-worthy because it’s funny, and being genuinely funny is actually one of the most share-worthy things online.

Get a Laugh

Buzzsumo analysed a 100 million articles that went viral and found that close to 17% of them were funny. Appealing to emotions is a key to going viral. Most of the viral posts were trying to get people awe-struck (25%), but laughter was the second highest proportion of the viral marketing pie.

Going back to the ‘man truck’, the Gumtree post went viral mostly because it was funny. Why else would anyone share it?

Of course, getting a laugh is easier said than done. It can also go horribly wrong. Don’t try too hard to be funny. But it’s worth keeping a casual and humorous tone while creating content for your small business online.

Be Creative

Finally, sticking out from a crowd is all about being creative. John Gibson could have gone the conventional route and listed all the specs of his truck on Gumtree, but he didn’t and now we’re talking about him.

His sarcastic post was unique enough to stick out on an everyday classifieds website, which made it a hit.

Remember, the most viral music video on YouTube is Gangnam Style, which is so out of the box, most people don’t even know what Psy is singing about.

To sum up, raise the chances of your business content going viral by focusing on funny, relatable, share-worthy content online. It’s that simple. These four basic elements helped John Gibson sell his man truck.

If applied correctly, they can help you gain more business as well.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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