Here’s Why Your Small Business Should Focus on Mobile Marketing


Business owners have a wide range of opportunities when it comes to their limited marketing spend, seeking to boost their brand, awareness, and sales. Mobile is a proven success for many types of business, attracting the right customers for your business. Here’s why your small business should focus on mobile marketing.

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Online advertising and marketing continue to evolve, with the focus on the billions of smartphones that people use for more of their day-to-day online tasks. Between mobile browsing, apps and social media, there are lots of opportunities for any business to market using this channel.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is ideal for a small business, either a startup or a traditional business trying to cope. The mobile marketing can be tailored to the needs of the company, addressing their immediate audience be it local or global through smart use of online or social media messaging. Costs are a fraction of traditional advertising, and while a newspaper or radio advert may claim large audiences, you will never really know as it's hard to track those forms of advertising.

Mobile marketing allows you to see exactly how many people view each advert, what their demographic, business and even their spending patterns are. And, you get all this information live via your marketing or advert dashboard, allowing you to adjust messaging as the results come in. And response with mobile is instant. You can see the engagement rates and how the calls to action and being responded to.

With the proven high response rates from mobile marketing, it is possible to advertise to a specific set of prospects or customers and gauge the response both instantly and over time, seeing when is the perfect moment to send out refresher campaigns or switch to a new message. Mobile marketing strategies can help businesses attract and maintain customers.

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Proven Mobile Marketing Methods

From using SMS marketing to social media adverts on Facebook, mobile marketing delivers the right message to the customer at the right time, or even the right place thanks to location-based advertising that can trigger marketing messages if people are near your store or business.

Push messages in apps can deliver marketing messages at an individual level, making response rates greater and increasing customer loyalty as they discover the value of your business and the relationship you have with them.

Mobile marketing is also more personal, using data and details you have on a customer to provide a specific message that will promote the right product at an appropriate time, with a deal or offer to help tip the chance of a sale in your favour. 

Driving Sales From Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing mixed with a social media presence, mobile-friendly website or mobile app allows your business to address every need a customer or client has when it comes to your relationship. A regular email received on their smartphone provides them with a regular supply of product or service news, social media, SMS or push marketing messages, can provide the very latest live offers, be it a special for that day only, or offers that only trigger when they are close by.

As customers use their mobiles for everything they are more likely to sign up for your marketing as your business becomes more valuable to them, and through good customer service, high quality messaging and by not over-doing the marketing so it verges on harassing or spam, you can build a strong mobile-first customer base that benefits from your marketing while providing valuable insights and information for the business.

People are also used to making payments by mobile, encouraging greater take up for remote sales, pre-orders and other ways to do business. Using some or all of the mobile tools available, a business of any size can increase its presence beyond what traditional marketing allows, and gives customers wider choice in how they interact.

It helps small companies punch far above their weight, reaching a global audience if it suits their products, and through a modest effort of social media, blog posts and good use of marketing, success through careful, analytics-based marketing can help yours grow faster.

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