Here's What Large Corporations Can Learn From Startups


It seems like many big corporations still see startup companies as the new kid in town with no substantial knowledge of the business. This mentality can be damaging, especially if so many startups possess beneficial habits that all established companies should follow. As much as bureaucracy is appreciated and needed in bigger corporations, company culture is as crucial. Creating a balance between an acceptable amount of bureaucracy and the practices below is important to ensure the longevity of a company’s success.


Revamp your office environment

Working in a cubicle for 9+ hours every day is extremely mundane. A repetitive routine in a drab environment can have grave effects on one’s productivity and motivation. Therefore, startups do not implement the cubicle concept and often opts for the open floor plan instead. Not only employees would feel less isolated but it will also raise team support and communication.

Bigger, established corporations are beginning to implement this method, kicking the idea of a sectioned office plan to the curb. Look at the Googleplex headquarters for example. They have napping pods, bicycle lanes, a fully functioning restaurant, a courtyard, bowling alleys and so much more. Not saying that big companies should renovate their office to accommodate these features but creating a room dedicated for relaxation and recharging can drastically improve the performance of employees.


Employ the right people

It’s not a surprise that many prospective employees flock to established companies in the hopes of quickly climbing up the ladder and create a successful career for themselves. From a myriad of prospective employees applying for a position within the company, established corporations need to carefully pick the right people who can contribute and help drive their success further.

Startup companies are so meticulous in their hiring process, going as far as outsourcing people from other countries. Startups tend to not merely look at one’s GPA or previous positions as they will always consider the skills to be the utmost importance. Besides, looking good on paper doesn’t always mean they can bring to the table what they promised to deliver in the interview process. The company should be able to grow with its employees and vice versa.


Face changes head on

Another great characteristic from startup companies that big corporations should adopt is their headstrong approach on facing changes. Startups will continuously change and improve the way they operate, what they offer their targeted audience, and so on, forcing their employees to adapt quickly. Through these changes, startups are more open and vulnerable to risks, something that established companies should always look up to.

Bigger corporations have the tendency to stay away from changes that can risk their success. At the same time, this is also the main factor that is stopping them from achieving a better outcome. Without taking risks, big corporations would only have stagnant results, neither going up or down in terms of their numbers. In an era where changes are continuously introduced, whether in terms of innovations, tech, or sociopolitical, corporations cannot afford to ignore any transformations.


Be transparent

Startups would always let their employees informed on big developments or major changes, even if it’s unpleasant to hear. At least this way everyone can know where they stand in the company and how their future as an employee would look like.  Bigger established companies might find it difficult to go as transparent as startups but they should start in a smaller scale like published meeting minutes, a group Friday discussion with the higher-ups, or a monthly overview of the department’s positive and negative performances.

Through transparency, everyone’s contribution to the company is clear and whatever is lacking with their performance can be addressed directly. It creates an open communication between higher managements and junior executives, making it easy for any mistakes to be fixed and any performance to be improved. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for a company to always acknowledge individual’s performances, which leads to the next point.


Implement a nurturing and supportive culture

No matter how big or small, always recognize and celebrate accomplishments. Due to the size of most startups, individuals’ or teams’ achievements tend to be more visible than how it usually is in bigger corporations. If a team member managed to score a complicated deal, take them out to lunch. When a new employee makes a mistake, re-train them and avoid any reprimands. Nurturing employees’ happiness and satisfaction within the company will decrease the turnover rate and improve the company’s reputation.

Although many startups have been in the field for only several years, there’s no harm if established companies seek to them to adopt their working habits and cultures. Combining a supportive culture with a motivating environment, as well as transparency and an embracing attitude towards change, the success of an established company will guaranteed be taken to the next level.

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Monday, 23 September 2019
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