Harnessing the Power of Technology to Boost your Business Communication


Did you know that effective business communication reduces employee turnover by 50%? Moreover, 97% of employees strongly believe that the lack of collaboration within a team might jeopardize the results of an entire project.

So, what can we conclude from the statistics like these?

Effective communication, both internal and external, is the lifeblood of your business. This is why you need to invest in it continuously, making it more reliable, faster, and, most importantly, fully synced.

Luckily, with the astonishing rise of the IT sector, this has never been simpler. Today, you don’t have to be a tech giant or an internationally recognized enterprise to hire remote workers or market to your potential customers worldwide. On the contrary, the majority of modern, sophisticated tech solutions have become affordable to small companies with restricted budgets, completely revolutionizing the way they do business.

Let’s check how the implementation of technology can improve business communication.

Old School - Hard Drive

Safer and Simpler Data Management

Cloud computing has been around for a while, playing an integral role in our lives. Namely, we’ve moved almost every segment of our lives to the digital landscape- from paying bills to storing photos. The same goes for the way we manage our workflow. Namely, with the rise of cloud storage, the days of saving all vital business data on your hard drive or faxing sensitive information to your coworkers are over.

With the help of cloud storage platforms like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive, team members can store, share and download massive business-related data fast, without compromising the safety of their data. Namely, to meet the needs of your business and keep your information safe, all major cloud service providers use encryption, both during the process of moving your files and while they rest on the cloud server, making them invulnerable to hacks.

Simply put, the cloud is safe, reliable, fast, simple and, above all, inexpensive. Given all these facts, it’s not surprising at all that the number of businesses implementing it predicted to reach 80% by 2020.

Business Team

Real-Time Communication among your Team Members

The era of hyperconnectivity has brought new rules to the table. Today’s employees are more tech-savvy, meaning that they expect you to provide them with a faster internet connection and tools that will facilitate their communication with other team members. They want to communicate in real time, send their files instantly, video chat with their remote colleagues, and work on their projects and ideas simultaneously.

But, this shouldn’t freak you out. By combining office collaboration software like Basecamp, Trello or Asana with business messaging platforms like Skype for Business, Google Hangouts or Slack, you will help them perform their tasks and communicate more efficiently. Not to mention that you will be able to keep track of all your tasks and monitor their progress over time.

Reaching out to a Wider Audience

In the past, businesses needed to rely on traditional marketing practices to reach out to their potential customers. Since these methods mean printing out thousands of flyers, booking a billboard, appearing in newspapers or having a quality TV or radio ad, they were available to larger, well-established businesses only. Not to mention that the customer targeting was limited by both the company’s resources and location.

However, the rise of digital marketing has brought completely new rules to the table. It allows you not only to reach a wider audience, irrespective of their location, but also target those people really interested in your products or services.

Let’s take an example of email marketing. You can use it to share free content, re-engage customers that have forgotten about you, reach out to new subscribers interested in products similar to yours. It’s cost-effective, action-oriented and, measurable. Most importantly, a wide range of email marketing tools allows you to automate your campaigns, save a lot of time and yet deliver a highly personalized user experience.

For example, tools like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp enable you to send personalized emails, driven by subscriber interaction, behavior, preferences, and location. Using an email signature generator helps you create personalized and authentic email signatures and integrate them with all major email platforms, while email tracking tools like HubSpot will notify you every time a recipient opens your email.

Real Time Feedback

Offering Real-Time Feedback

Today, there are thousands of businesses similar to yours and, to win over your customers, you need to fight for their attention. They are aware of that and you want you to treat them accordingly. They expect you not only to sell a high-quality product at a reasonable price, but also to offer outstanding customer service and real-time feedback. Some recent studies highlight that 51% of customers expect a business to be accessible to them 24/7.

One of the most powerful ways to offer exceptional customer services is to invest in your social media presence. Social networks are an amazing place for you to track your brand and product mentions and see how your customers feel about you.

First, you can use chatbots to answer their questions instantly. Even though this technique is still in its initial stage, it will become a pretty big deal in 2018.

Most importantly, you can take advantage of a plethora of social media monitoring tools, such as Topsy, SocialMention, or HootSuite and get alerted whenever someone mentions you. This means that you can participate in your customers’ discussions and give them first-hand tips instantly. Such an approach may drive more traffic and referrals to your site and significantly boost their experience with your brand.

To Wrap it Up

The tech world is evolving impressively fast, changing the way businesses communicate once for all. So, only by keeping track of the latest IT trends and implementing them regularly will you be able to boost your workplace productivity and offer exceptional customer services.

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