Handy Tools to Excel at Client Servicing

Just as you’re about to close the deal and finalize things, the client calls “I just remembered, I need to make a few amendments. Can you send an updated statement to our address?” and your day turns becomes rather unpleasant.

But there’s no alternative. Keeping clients satisfied is a priority for all businesses. The old adage “If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will” has never been more poignant than in this day and age. Top-notch client servicing means automating procedures to manage and organize client expectations, from the initial call to contract closure.

Fortunately, there are services and tools that allow small businesses to service clients effectively and build the strongest of relationships. Here are the processes you can streamline with such services and tools to impress clients.

  1. Invoice & Statements
Streamlining your invoice and statement printing has several business benefits. New services from companies like Microdynamics Group allow businesses to easily manage their invoices and transaction mail without purchasing high-speed special printing machinery. Options like MICR, spot color, full color, and more make integrated systems flow more smoothly. Some vendors even suggest ways to increase interactions with clients via routine mailing services. The right invoice and statement printing provider will help you in creating transactional email correspondence to increase customer loyalty.
  1. Social Support & Knowledge Management
Clients can reach out to you via live chat, email, social media or phone – they expect you to have a conversation with them on any channel. Also, they want you to have background knowledge (a complete picture of former interactions) so that things can proceed quickly. All that is not possible with an omnichannel support system in place. Thankfully, KANA Express and similar options are available to SMBs to provide a full suite of apps, including social support and knowledge management. Such tools integrate all client conversations from different channels into a single portal, allowing you to offer great support from a centralized platform.

Support services are becoming more important as brands pursue new marketing strategies. William Hill just created a new promotion called William Hill cash in my bet offer.  They rely heavily on such tools to make sure their patrons get the support they need.

  1. Job Management
Clients don’t care if you scurry from task to task; they want things done on time. Therefore, you need clever tools to assign jobs, track timelines, and receive updates on pending projects to excel at client servicing. Online job management and workflow tools like WorkflowMax enable businesses to track progress on various jobs and tasks without requiring a lot of effort from personnel. Such options bring all the job management data in one place, allowing you to see standard performance reports quickly – or create your own.
  1. Proposal Creation
Raise your hand if you’ve not been able to master Microsoft Office wizardry. The thing is, you often create all these sections in a Word document when making a client proposal, and you will combine it with an Excel sheet, maybe throw in a chart or two from PowerPoint, and merge it all before converting it into a fine-looking document. The result, however, is an unsexy PDF. With tools like Quote Roller, however, SMBs can make proposal templates that integrate testimonials, cover pages, payment plans, and other standard pieces with custom pieces of a campaign (strategy, pricing, etc.). Then, you can send it straight to the client.

These are the must-have services and tools to be effective at client servicing, but everyone has their own way of doing it. We’d love to hear how you service clients in a scalable way.

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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