Growing Your Business with Hosted Telephony

It’s no secret that Hosted Telephony, where your business phone system is hosted within the Cloud, is the go-to solution for tech-savvy business owners looking to future-proof their organisation. The benefits of switching to a hosted system are just as prevalent to small startups as they are to larger companies, namely: reducing costs, encouraging enterprise mobility, and facilitating growth. Hosted Systems are extremely easy to migrate to, and it’s very easy to scale them up as your organisation grows and evolves.

But how do you get the most out of your hosted system? Making the move away from premise -based physical hardware to a fully Hosted system might seem daunting, but switching over is painless and often completed within a matter of days. With more traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) based solutions you often see new systems being installed in a timeframe of weeks, depending on different factors. Hosted Telephony is much more immediate to be up and running on, which makes it perfect for new businesses in particular, and it comes with all the functionality of traditional phone systems.

Enterprise Mobility

One of the primary strengths of embracing cloud communications is that lines can be rerouted to any location, at a moment’s notice. For example, if you’re held up by train delays on your way to work, you can divert calls to a mobile device instantly. Similarly, team members spread over different locations can collaborate with ease via the hosted system, without running up costly bills - some packages allow free internal calls from site-to-site.

Hosted Telephony empowers small businesses to grow Hosted Telephony can help your business grow.

Staff can also share files, simultaneously access documents, and even host multi-participant video conferences.This gives you great scope for a mobile workforce, enabling your team to work with greater flexibility and in the manner that suits them best.

Employees can even use their personal devices to connect to the system. This not only means that they’re working with technology they’re familiar with, it could also save you from having to supply handsets to each staff member. Leading hosted solutions will have an easy to download and use mobile application that allows an in-office experience from the comfort of your personal device.

Scalability and Resilience

The ease of adding lines or even entire offices to your system also means Hosted is great for expanding companies. New branches can be connected to the rest of your network almost instantly.

Moreover, in the event of a disaster - such as a power cut at one particular site, or another event which takes that site offline or sees them without phones - business operations can continue as normal, with calls easily redirected to mobile devices or a different site. All it needs is for an administrator to login to a web portal, or manage call routing via the mobile app if one exists. The ability to protect your business against loss of income or high customer complaint levels in the event of a site outage is incalculable, and gives a lot of businesses peace of mind when it comes to embracing Hosted for the first time.

Grow at Your Own Pace

Most Hosted telephony solutions work on a licence-per-user basis, making costs easy to factor into budgets. You can add and remove lines as you need them, organically adapting your telephone network as your business evolves.

Meanwhile, you can also save on maintenance costs, as hosting your network on the Cloud removes the need for a traditional PBX on your business premises. This, in turn, frees up money to invest in other areas, expediting growth.

Integrated Communications

By fully integrating your business communications, you enable your workforce to focus on making your business great. A mobile workforce can offer better customer response times and ensure that each client receives support from the team members that are best-equipped to handle their queries.

The ability to establish regular points of contact, irrespective of location or changing schedules, can strengthen working relationships and improve overall operations. Retention of experienced team members is also given a boost, as greater flexibility encourages loyalty.

Essential Future-Proofing

The shift to a hosted telephone network is not only smart in the short term, but it could be vital to future success, with BT planning to terminate the ISDN network by 2025. Embracing this technology ahead of time can help you steal a march on competitors and see the benefits immediately.

Patrick Lincoln runs Bristol-based Solution IP, the South West’s leading provider of Unified Communications. You can connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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