Getting the Most From Your IT Services

In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in the perception of technology in the workplace. More and more companies are beginning to recognise that IT is an integral part of business, rather than a baseline service which supports other functions. As technology continues to move into the boardroom, it is important that the right choices are made to get the most out of these services. Below are some of the ways in which IT services can be used to drive growth in your business.


The benefits of Cloud Computing have been well documented over the past number of years. However, many SMEs are still slow to recognise the true potential of Cloud technology. When utilised properly, Cloud not only allows for fast and secure access to essential data, but also a variety of other benefits including enhanced business continuity planning and the streamlining of business processes. For example, Accounts packages in the Cloud allow for the generation, review and approval of invoices online by multiple people in multiple locations.

Mobile Device Management

The advent of Cloud has meant that we can now access all of our information on any device. While remote working has a range of benefits, this mobility is not without its challenges. As critical business data is being accessed from a variety of devices, it is important to manage this effectively. Mobile Device Management platforms allow administrators to configure, monitor and support mobile devices. This allows businesses to manage the risks associated with mobile devices. Mobile Device Management solutions will also allow the administrator to easily wipe a device in the event of loss or theft.

Technology as a Business Enabler

Rather than simply supporting other business functions, there are a variety of IT services out there that now work alongside your business to improve growth and development. These include high-performance analytics tools that allow business to review, manage and predict the performance and result of particular campaigns and projects. Likewise, workflow tools allow businesses to increase team collaboration and project management, as well as monitor progress and staff input. There is also a wide range of governance solutions available which are used in the management of billing, reporting and contractual matters. Not only do these tools facilitate transparency, but they also allow for a shared view of timely and accurate information.

IT Specialists

In order to get the most out of your IT services, businesses need to ensure their infrastructure and systems are managed by specialists. This is important for a number of reasons. The first is primarily related to security. As more and more critical business information can be generated and analysed through better use of technology, business need to ensure that this information is managed by professionals. Similarly, a specialised IT team will also have knowledge of the latest solutions available on the market and can advise senior teams on the best services for the business. Outsourcing is an attractive alternative for those companies that do not have IT specialists on site. This model allows businesses to free up internal staff for other business operations, all the while strategically ensuring access to levels of expertise and quality of service when necessary.

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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