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Getting your business found on Google. is by far the most popular search engine used by Irish Internet users, according to some reports it is used by between 80 -90% of Irish Internet users, currently it is expected that digital advertising will increase by 11% this year according to a report out recently by Radical.

Getting found on Google is either getting harder or it is costing more, the days of building a website & leaving it alone to generate sales or leads are well and truly gone. Your website now needs to be relevant to Googles audience & currently there are two ways to do this.

Option 1. Google Adwords

These are normally positioned 1,2 & 3 in the different coloured box at the top of the page & then on the right of the page going vertical down.

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click Campaigns are an effective way for businesses to drive traffic to their website, the drawback is that you will be paying google for every click that comes from your google advertisement to your website, setting up a google adwords campaign is simple enough, but doing it correctly will take a bit of research, time & effort in order to get it to work effectively for you.  I have placed a link on Google Ads for you to gather more information if you want to look more into this.

A Picture illustrating Google Ads & Organic listing

Option 2.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Directly underneath the first paid ads you will find the organic websites.

These are websites that google believes best suits your search enquire, but unlike google adwords you don’t pay google a cent when someone clicks onto your website.  Sounds good not paying for clicks to your website doesn’t it, but more and more businesses have to employ an SEO company to optimise their website in order to get them to the top, otherwise they have to spend a huge amount of time researching how to optimise their website.

I would like to give you some SEO tips to help you get your website found on google.

  • Tip 1. Google Places or Google + page,  set one up as this can be an inexpensive way of getting your business found.
  • Tip 2. Research your market.” If you are selling balloons you may want to be found for party balloons, helium balloons, wedding balloons etc but how many people are searching for these & will you have to develop a new webpage for each of these to compete with the competition” Google keyword tool is very useful.
  • Tip 3. Use your keywords inURL, Title tags, Meta description & Content of your website “ if you sell wedding balloons it should be  it also needs to be in the content and meta of the website”
  • Tip 4. Get Reviews, ask people to review your business on google places, Yelp, Qype, Sayso, etc. The more reviews you get the more of an authority your business becomes in googles eyes.
  • Tip 5. Get Social, set up accounts with linkedin, facebook, pintrest, twitter, google +, etc Google will pick up when people come to your website from these websites.
  • Tip 6. Create Quality links to your website.
  • Tip 7. Set up Google Analytics & Google webmaster tools.
I hope this is enough to get you started but if you need further advice you can always leave  a message below.

Scott has been helping small business develop their online presence for over 8 years.  He is now working as an SEO Consultant for

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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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