Generate Leads With Twitter & Facebook

One of the most common questions I get asked by the members of the Work at Home Mums Network is "How do I find leads and generate sales for my small business?"

The first thing to understand is there's an easy way and there's a hard way to generate leads.

Juggling kids, family and business is hard enough without making things even harder. So my job is to teach you how to do it, as quickly and easily as possible.

Seeing results is important and keeps you motivated, so let's get you some results.

Facebook and Twitter have millions and MILLIONs of users on them every day and it's easy to find people in your target market with a simple search.

Generate Leads With Twitter & Facebook

So the first step to generating leads for your business is by focusing some time and energy into building your Twitter and Facebook profile.

Step 1: Do This On Twitter

  1. Create a profile and start following people and companies in your industry by doing keyword searches on Twitter.  (I usually search for the term WAHM)  Start following 100 to 200 of those people each day.
  2. Do simple internet research on interesting topics to tweet related to your industry (Tip: Don't just tweet about things on your website or you'll turn people off. The key here is to ENGAGE with your audience).
  3. After a few days you'll notice that about 20 to 30% of the people you follow will follow you back. Now unfollow anyone who doesn't follow you back after about seven to fourteen days.  (Resource - Check out Tweet Adder if you want to automate this aspect of marketing)
  4. Start engaging with people on Twitter by tweeting at people in your industry and retweeting some of their tweets.
  5. After about a week on Twitter, start tweeting about your company, content or website. But make sure you do not do a hard sell or you will turn people off. Remember, Twitter is about being social more than selling.  The 80:20 rule should apply here.  80% of your tweets should be interesting news, and not related to your business.

Step 2: Do This On Facebook

  1. Search the leaders in your industry on Facebook and send them friend requests.  (Although most of them will not accept your request, research has shown that around 10% will)
  2. Start engaging with your audience by posting interesting content on your wall. The content shouldn't be about your company, but should be more about things that would be interesting to your industry.
  3. Try to post things that are short and/or use info graphics and make sure to post during times you think your audience is online.  If you're not sure when this is, do a little research!
  4. Start engaging with your friends' walls and find messages to like and share on your page.
  5. Ask questions on your wall that are related to your industry.
Remember - questions drive engagement and people love to talk about themselves.

After a week of engaging more actively on Facebook and Twitter you should start seeing more page likes and followers. View everybody as a friend and a potential customer.  But remember...people are usually testing the water with you at this stage.

It's really that simple.

If you would like to know how to generate more leads and sales for your small business using social media, and how to make it part of your larger marketing strategy, sign up for our FREE 7 Day Business Bootcamp Series by clicking here.

Trust me - no matter how small your business, it needs a marketing strategy if it is to reach it's full potential.




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Monday, 09 December 2019
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