Future trends, going fast or slow?


One of the team in Business-Achievers wrote a book about future trends. This is the intro. You can download the book, which includes summaries of all the books mentioned here: https://www.business-achievers.com/downloads/12-slow-down-go-faster

Future trends, going fast or slow?

Future Vision

“The faster you go, the further you need to look ahead”.That quote is from Future Vision by Richard Watson, the author of Future Files, Future Minds and Digital Versus Human. Future vision is a very good book to help you plan for the future, with a particular emphasis on scenario planning. But you need good information to develop those scenarios. All his books are worth reading.

VUCA gurus

Richard Watson is on our list of VUCA guru’s. He is a pessimist. Ray Kurzweil, the singularity guy, is one of our other VUCA gurus; he is an optimist. He expects that by 2035, the singularity will have happened. We will have merged with technology and immortality is a real possibility.


That seems incredibly far-fetched, but that is because most of us do not understand the impact of exponential. The best book that described that effect is The Second Machine Age. It’s a fairly dark book on winner-take-all, robotics and AI.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is interesting. Watson reads 800 million pages per second. Every second. It is also twice as good as a surgeon at making the right diagnosis. If Watson is already better than a top surgeon, what else is it capable of? Is it a threat or an opportunity?

Audi has self-driving cars with different personalities but nobody knows how or why. The ghost is in the machine.

Google has 2 AI computers talking to each other in an encrypted language and a third one trying to break the encryption. So far without success. So this means there are now two AIs talking to each other, and we have no idea what they are talking about. That is a potential Skynet.

Although the book entitled The Seventh Sense would suggest that AI is clever enough not to let us know that is has taken over. 

Future Crimes

If you want to go even darker, combine that with Future Crimes, a book about cybersecurity, data and privacy. Or a criminal AI (Don Watson)

Weird Mix

Throw in Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable and What Technology Wants, Steve Kotler's Tomorrow Land, Michi Kaku’s The Future of the Mind, Brett Kings’ Augmented and Chris Anderson’s Makers and you get a weird mix of the art of the possible.

Anything in tech. Nano, neuro, bio, genetics, materials, ICT, data, memory, quantum and the list goes on. Best described as a box of Lego blocks that are interchangeable and combinable. Which is why we are now talking brain web, sensor dust, nano paint, spider steel, laser space travel, self-driving cars, etc.

Lies and Statistics

It is unpredictable, hence Future Babble; we have no idea. But we do know some things for sure:

  • demographics
  • internet
  • IoT
  • climate (the book to read is Climate Change)
  • platforms (Amazon, LinkedIn, Cortana, Google, Facebook, Watson) —> the book to read is The Third Wave
  • action = reaction

The Power of the Mind

Or instead of looking further ahead, you slow down and read books like Work Clean, Code of the Extraordinary Mind, and The Buddha Mind.

Focus on being aware and mindful. I think that is where it lies for the future: meaning and purpose. Because soul is how you beat technology.

When you look into this field you find lots of interesting books. Books like Exponential Organisations that talks about the importance of transformative purpose, to more hard-core books such Evolved Enterprise and Firms of Endearment. These type of companies beat all metrics hands down. From 8 to 14 times more profitable.

Focus on passion, values, purpose and vision.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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