Functional Furniture For The Growing Business

Keep your fancy stand up desks and your massage chairs, as a growing business you understand the importance of functionality, of getting the job done and not wasting precious budget on furniture that doesn’t meet the needs of you and your employees.

A small business requires furniture that functions appropriately for the job at hand. Let’s take an office space, for example. Desks are definitely a requirement, without them your workers have nowhere to work at – whether they are sat at a computer all day, drawing plans or using them to construct models, it all depends on your industry.

The size of the desk makes a huge difference and for those who are simply typing, a smaller desk is workable, just try to ensure it isn’t too small as employees want the ability to personalise them if they are spending eight hours of their day in the same space.

Drawers are another important function; we all need somewhere to not only keep our personal belongings safe but to store important documents – or perhaps those papers that we haven’t quite got round to sorting through yet but need out of the way.

Chairs are the next important piece of functional furniture on the agenda and it’s imperative that you choose a chair design that maximises the comfort of those sitting in them, can be adjusted to suit individual needs and is easy to move around – Tente Castors come recommended when considering chair wheels if you are installing them yourself, as they offer maximum manoeuvrability and are high quality so stand the test of time.

Remember, chairs are used all day long and you need to ensure your workers aren’t going to suffer long term from back problems after using them – after all, there are various media outlets out there claiming that ‘sitting down all day is killing you’, with sedentary behaviour linked to obesity, 30 chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease on top of back issues that come with poorly designed seating arrangements. As well as providing appropriate seating it’s important you encourage your employees to get up every hour and move around.

When it comes to aesthetics simple is best, that way when your business expands in the future you should have no problem finding furniture that matches. White is a great colour for your desks, it brightens up the space but bear in mind it will require regular cleaning after all those cups of tea that get slurped and spilt throughout the day.

It’s important that your office space also provides somewhere for workers to leave their desks and relax. While you might not want to feature a sofa in the room, tub chairs are great comfortable furniture pieces that function perfectly as chairs to relax in on your lunch break.

Functional furniture for the office isn’t hard to find, you simply need to think carefully about the needs of your business, the needs of your employees and try to avoid choosing unnecessarily unusual or uncomfortable but great looking designs.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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