Functional Décor for Small Businesses

Your small business is in its infancy. You've moved from the garage office into actual headquarters! This move comes hand in hand with the need to design how your office will look. The bad news? While tricking out your office can be exciting experience, it can also expensive endeavor.

For newbie companies with limited budgets, décor can be a bit of an afterthought. But, if you’re still looking for ways to spruce up the place, without having to break the bank, incorporating functional décor at work is highly recommended, and here’s how:

Décor as necessity

As you begin decorating your office, consider the necessities. What do you absolutely need to be there? What could you maybe do without? Are there certain aspects of your office that are more than important others? All of these are great questions to ask yourself before you start plotting what to buy.

Some of the best places to add a little flair are areas of high foot traffic and areas where your staff frequents the most. Depending on what you do, this can vary greatly, but there are several places that get a lot of attention despite where you work.

  • Forget the run-of-the-mill fluorescent overhead lighting. Instead install interesting light fixtures and a dimmer switch to maintain a cool vibe.
  • Employees dragging their chairs into the break room? Nix that distraction by putting a couch and some comfy chairs in your employee break room. Buy used or marked down furniture.
  • If you’re looking to inspire creativity at work, hang artwork around the office. This will allow you're employees an engaging environment that will jump-start ideas. Even if  you can't afford the Mona Lisa, you can purchase lesser known local artists or print your own photographs.

Employee Reactions

The colors you choose for your décor can have a direct effect on your employees. Some reds and oranges can excite your employees. Too much bright red or orange can drive the employees crazy.  Blues and green can mellow them out; Ideal for a stressful environment. Choose a color scheme that best suits the nature of  the work you’re doing.


When it comes to which pieces you want to buy, don’t be overly extravagant. Simplicity goes a long way. Simple tends to be both cheaper and able to cater to a variety of tastes. The last thing you want is an office that your employees can't stand to be in for hours on end.

Ensure that the furniture that you purchase serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Rather than stockpiling your office with stuff you don’t need, cut yourself back on the items you purchase. Afterall, no reason to buy useless items with money you need to ensure the success of your business.

Reduce Excess Clutter

We all know how we react when you walk into a messy room. It's cringe worthy. We're left wondering, how many things have wandered off to die. That's before you even attempt to find anything. That's when the true trouble arises. It's imperative that you prevent both problems in the workplace.Whether it’s management, your employees, a client or a visitor walking through, they should be greeted with a professional and clean work area. Luckily, you can present this image with a few handy pieces of furniture.
  • Excess paperwork? Think about investing om a filing cabinet.
  • Excess tools? Go out and grab shelves or cabinets. Or purchase desks with drawers.
  • Employee items adding to the clutter? You can install storage lockers in the break room to give employees an area to stash their stuff. This can also add an added layer of security that they might like. If you can't afford new lockers, you can purchase used lockers and fix them up
  • Short on floor space? You might want to stick with overhead shelves or drawers.
For small businesses, locking down a brick-and-mortar location is incredibly exciting. It exemplifies your work ethic and demonstrates your dedication to the company, but, don’t let it get the best of you. Rather than outfitting your space with décor you don’t need, utilize functional décor that’s both useful and artful. It will save you money and increase efficiency at work.

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Monday, 23 September 2019
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