Four Alternative Ways to Power Your Business


Every business requires energy to operate, and for most, that means using utility providers for their electricity, oil and gas. But an increasing number of firms across the UK are investing in alternative ways to power their operation. Whether you are interested in self-reliance and sustainability or investing in renewable energy sources, there are many different options available. Here are four alternative ways you can power your business.

Private oil tank

One option to power your business is to invest in a private oil tank. Industrial oil tanks are now more affordable and easier to have installed than ever before, and they can be a fantastic choice for companies across a broad range of different industries.

The major advantage of having your own oil tank is that you can buy oil at fixed prices when it suits you. So rather than having to pay a utilities provider at the current rate you can simply bulk buy when the price is low. This can save you a significant amount of money overall. It also gives your business far more independence and self-reliance.

Solar panels

Many business owners never even consider the option of using renewable energy sources to provide power for their company, but in many scenarios this can be a perfect solution. There are a huge number of home owners who have chosen to invest in solar panels for the roof of their property, and exactly the same principle can be applied to a business. The difference, of course, is that business premises are often much larger and can therefore fit a greater number of solar panels.

If you own your business premises this is an ideal solution for you. Solar panels can be an expensive initial outlay, especially if you are opting for a larger installation – but remember the benefits of having them installed. Firstly, they will provide your business with power for many years, and that power will be completely free. Additionally, when you are generating more energy than you need, this can be fed directly back into the grid. This means that the solar panels will save you money to the point where they will actually pay for themselves after a number of years.

Don’t assume that solar panels are only for houses as many businesses are now seeing the benefits of investing in them.

Ground source heat pumps

Unlike solar panels, ground source heat pumps (or GSHPs) are not quite a household name just yet. This is another form of renewable energy that is catching on across the world and it is something that businesses can benefit from. Of course one of the major drawbacks with solar power is that you need to have suitable roof space, with a property facing in an appropriate direction in order to catch the rays of the sun.

GSHPs are more universal as they can be installed at any property where you have the room to dig a trench. A large loop can be dug into the ground where the pump is placed, and this will naturally draw heat from the ground. Once again this is a completely free source of renewable energy. The pumps require very little in the way of maintenance and last for a very long time.

GSHPs won’t be suitable for powering every aspect of your business, but this can be a fantastic way for a company to save on fuel costs and in addition to other sources of energy.

Wind turbines

Wind power is another popular choice for businesses and you may find that this is a preferable option to solar panels, especially if you live something that does not get as much sunshine as you would like. Once again, many business owners are surprised to find that wind turbines can be used to power simple commercial operations, but it is actually becoming relatively commonplace.

In many parts of the world, businesses actually prefer wind energy with large companies tending to invest more in wind power. Ultimately, if you are set on having some form of renewable energy generator installed at your business site, you simply need to do your research into the one that is most suitable for you.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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