Forgot to Blind-Copy (BCC)?

Have you ever forgot to Blind-Copy (BCC) when sending an email? Sent a Request for Quotation/Price/Tender/Information etc. to a bunch of competing suppliers?

One of our good printer friends on shared an email thread where 77 printers in Ireland were asked to quote on a relatively small job. 77 printers??? Overkill or what.

Shopping around
We support businesses 'shopping-around'. Some printers are great with business cards, others are competitive on flyers, while some focus on large/trade jobs and pricing also depends on their availability, resources, schedule, paper-supply etc. etc. Shopping around makes sense and we aim to get 3 quotes within an hour and thankfully we do for most print jobs.

However, targeting 77 printers via email was not a good approach especially when all these competitors were visible to each other...

We have all made mistakes with email;

  • Incorrectly replying to the boss with your real opinion of his latest idea (when the email was for your colleague)
  • Attaching the wrong attachment and distributing your personal/contentious images or opinions to the masses
  • Using the incorrect mailing lists? Asking your entire multinational workforce about the lights being left on in the canteen last night, when only your team needed to respond...

Please (anonymously) share your favorite email faux pas...

Post by Mike McGrath,



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Thursday, 24 May 2018
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