FOCUS - The Key to Success

We all know we need to Focus in order to achieve something special. We know it is the magic ingredient that will determine our success or failure. But what is it? How do we get it and most importantly how do we maintain it to get what we want? Because the sad truth is that we can lose our focus, just when we need it most. To regain your focus you need to be able to think clearly about what you want and how to get it. Clear thinking is the ability to see what you want and Focus is the ability to develop the strength of willpower, self-discipline and intellectual savvy to achieve it. In this short blog I would like to relay one simple tip that is a very powerful tool to help you achieve your Focus – and to keep it directly pointed towards your goal. The tip is:

Use Your Passion to control your Emotions

When working on your projects, if you find your thinking is becoming confused or cluttered with irrelevant issues, ask yourself are you ‘passionate’ or ‘emotional’ about what you want to achieve. Passion and Emotion are two very strong feelings that seem similar to us. However, they are completely different in their ability to help us get what we want. For to be passionate means your feelings are attached to your Project – your focus is external, concentrating your thinking on the goal you want to reach. To be emotional means your feelings are attached to your Ego – your focus is internal, concentrating your thinking on your ability or lack of it, to complete your project.  To know the focus of your feelings is to be in control of the result you want to achieve.  

Clear Focus

Clear focus is the ability to separate passion from emotion and it is crucial to achieving your goals. Passionate people focus on getting their projects done. When we are emotional we tend to focus on our identity with the project (our Ego) and not the project itself. If you are emotional you may begin to focus too much on yourself and can become worried or doubtful about your ability to succeed.

Concentrate on where you are strong

If you find you are concentrating on yourself in any situation, remember to separate your ego from the issue and refocus on the goal you are trying to achieve. Don’t think ‘will I be able to get there? That is a given. Concentrate all your focus on ‘how do I get there’ and you will find your inner strength. By concentrating on where you are strong your focus will no longer be on where you are wrong. Use your feelings to your Advantage. Don’t let yourself or others confuse their worth. For to get what you want, real success requires a determination and focus that will keep you glued to your goals, no matter how difficult they are to reach. To learn more on how to FOCUS to achieve your goals, please go to the website where you can find out more about the book Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking.

© Valerie Pierce 2014 Valerie Pierce is the author of the recently published book ‘FOCUS: The Art of Clear Thinking’. She is a training consultant, based in Dublin and working in Ireland, UK & Europe. Valerie has also written another book on ‘Quick Thinking – The art of thriving Under Pressure’.


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Thursday, 12 December 2019
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