Five Tips For Using Brochure Marketing Effectively

An effective marketing campaign doesn’t rely on one medium to get the word out about their business.  Good campaigns will utilize as many tools as possible to reach as many customers as possible.  One of these mediums that have proven to be effective is brochure marketing.  When used in conjunction with other effective advertising means, you can broaden your reach and boost your exposure to consumers.  Some benefits to using brochure marketing that you may not have considered are listed below.

Lending You Credibility

Designing and printing a brochure lends an air of credibility to your company.  Something about having actual material that can be held makes your product more reliable to consumers.  Rather than dumping all your advertising capital into business cards and stationary, include a brochure in your total printing costs to cement the credibility of your business.

Saving You Time

When you print a brochure, you give your customers the chance to go home and read over your material when they have the time.  You also place a tangible advertisement in their home for the next time they are looking for a product or service similar to yours.

Now that you understand why you should print brochures for your company and why they are a worthy investment of advertising cash, use the following tips to help you to use brochure marketing effectively.

1. Keep The Reader In Mind

Write your brochure or leaflet from the point of view of the reader.  Make sure the information is developed in the right order, and in a way that is pleasing to your customers.  Start the process of developing your brochure by asking what your reader wants to know.  Write down the specific questions you think your readers might ask, and answer them in your brochure in a way that flows naturally and is easy to read.

2. Use The Cover To Engage The Reader

The first thing your reader will see is the cover of your brochure.  If the cover does not contain information and pictures that will engage the reader, then the point of using brochures is lost.  Avoid using technical jargon on the cover of your brochure.  Think of the questions that will motivate your readers to open your brochure and study it.  Include one of the following to interest your reader:

  • Exclusive invitations
  • Free reports
  • Special discounts
  • Notice of sales in advance
Using one of these eye-catching phrases will catch the attention of your reader and encourage them to open the brochure and read it to find out what it is you want to share with them.

3. Create A Contents Page

If your brochure is eight pages or more, you should have a contents page to direct the reader to the place where they can gain their information.  If your brochure is hard to navigate, your readers may give up before they find what they want.  Keep the information simple and concise to keep your readers interested in your information.

4. Include Extensive Product Descriptions

The more you can sell your product within your brochure, the more your advertising cash will pay off.  Include as much information about your products as you possibly can.  Don’t forget to include information that tells the reader why your product sticks out from the competition and why they should choose you over your competitors.  The more you can distinguish your brand from similar products, the more likely your customers are to remember you.

5. Create A Brochure Worth Keeping

If you provide enough valuable information in your brochure, your customers may keep it around for a while.  This means that the name of your company is in a prime location in the homes of your potential customers for a longer period of time.  This greatly increases your chances for making a sale to that particular customer.  When you invest more in your brochure, you increase the chances of your customers holding onto it for the future.  Even if they pass up your product now, they may come back at a later date with a purchase.

Every successful business recognizes the importance of using diverse advertising tactics to reach as many customers as possible.  With brochure marketing, you give your customers a tangible item to take home with detailed information about your product that you have chosen.  Don’t allow your company to be defined by the competition.  Use your own words to describe your product by using printed brochures to market your business, and you can take control of your advertising efforts and the information your customers receive about your products.

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