Five Steps to Convert Your Business to Renewable Energy


At home, many of us love taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint by actively recycling, decreasing energy consumption and preferring to purchase eco-friendly products. But it is amazing how many businesses owners don’t think to apply the same logic to their business – it can be something of a blind spot.

There are actually many ways that a company can make changes to become greener, and lots of them are similar to those that you would do at home. Doing so can be a great way to save your company money as well as create a better atmosphere amongst staff. So if you are interested in a more eco-friendly company, here are five steps that you can follow to convert your business to renewable energy.

  1. Switch to energy saving lightbulbs

Your first step should be to make the small changes that make a big difference to the amount of energy you consume – after all it can be just effective to use less energy as it is to use energy from renewable sources. One key change is to switch over to lightbulbs that are energy efficient. This is something that many of us have done at home, but it can be surprising to learn that the bulbs used in the workplace are the older non-energy efficient variety.

Lighting accounts for an average of 20 per cent of the energy use of a business in the UK. Given the scale of business lighting this actually has the potential to make a big difference to the amount of energy your company uses.

  1. Switch to greener appliances and machinery

Changing up lightbulbs can be easy, but if you want to look at the amount of energy your businesses uses as a whole you may need to consider making switches with the equipment and machinery that you use. Whether the majority of your work is done on computers or you make use of specialised technical equipment, you may find that there are green options.

Using modern equipment with better energy efficiency ratings will make a radical difference in your business consumption. Do some research into the appliances and machinery that you use to establish just how much of a difference it would make.

  1. Install solar power

Another innovation in home green energy that can be easily applied to the workplace is the use of solar panels. If you have large commercial premises it can be a brilliant idea to have solar panels installed to provide a significant portion of your energy or even allow you to get off the grid altogether.

Commercial solar installations can even be used to sell power back to the grid, meaning that they can be a highly cost effective solution. While the initial cost of installation can be high, the panels will begin paying themselves off immediately with reductions in your energy bill.

  1. Get power from eco-friendly suppliers

Of course it will likely still be the case that you need to get your electricity from standard suppliers. But when you are making the decision of which utility supplier to opt for it is worth being aware that there are now some companies in the market that specialise in green energy.

Names such as Ecotricity, Good Energy and Bulb have built up their reputation around providing green energy, and are available for businesses in most parts of the UK. Switching over to one of these, or a similar green energy provider is a brilliant way to reduce your carbon footprint as it means that the majority of the energy you use will come from renewable and green sources.

  1. Outsource to renewable energy companies

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t just think about what your business does – you can indirectly support renewable energy in your business by choosing to outsource to companies that similarly utilise green energy. For example, you might not give your web hosting a second thought, but your site will be hosted somewhere on servers. There are many green web hosting companies, so you can make a difference by choosing one of these.

And this is also true of a lot of outsourced services. Spend some time researching the businesses that put a focus on green energy and your company can make a difference that way.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019
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