Five Great Tips to Improve Safety in the Workplace

When it comes to workplace safety, there are many tips that can be followed to help ensure everyone on the job stays as safe as possible. In doing this, business owners can rest assured they provide a safe and healthy environment for their employees to work in. In the event that a safety issue or problem was to arise, contacting an attorney similar to a workers compensation lawyer in New Orleans; but here are some preventative measures that you can take to avoid having to call an attorney.

Tip 1. Emergency Action Plans

No matter the safety precautions that are enforced, sometimes, an accident may take place. When this happens, it is important that a business have emergency action plans set into place. From knowing where to send an injured worker to having the worker compensation carrier's number on-hand at all times, emergency actions plans should be well thought out and very detailed.

Tip 2. Job Site Inspections

Job sites can present a number of hazardous situations. The best way to go about ensuring safety is kept at the heart of a job site is to have it inspected on a daily basis. In fact, a business will do well to employ a job site inspector to fulfill this role. Inspecting job sites is especially important on sites that use machinery.

Tip 3. Vendor Screenings

The vendors that a business partners with need to be screened. In doing this, a business can rest assured the vendors are qualified as well as insured. In fact, it is important to remember that insurance coverage may not be provided in certain situations if vendors are not correctly screened.

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Tip 4. Communication with Vendors

Vendors will likely spend much time on a business's property, making it very important that each and every vendor understand the protocols for a business as well as its emergency actions plan. By doing this, a business can make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety measures and how to respond an injury situation. Communication is key in accomplishing this goal.

Tip 5. Safety Tip List

No matter the safety measures that are implemented, a safety tip list needs to be posted at many spots on and around the company job site. This way, employees will be well aware of the safety measures that they need to follow. It is also wise to spend at least one day a year making sure employees are up-to-date on the safety tips and measures that they need to employ.



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