Find Startup Innovators That Could Be Your Next Mentor


For all you know there are startup communities willing to support budding startup creators. But how do you find one in your city? Here's are several techniques for you to consider.

Founders, and startup communities alike, without any interest on personal profit give back to their community and develop budding startup creators. That's how they find talents like you which often lead to an apprenticeship or maybe if your prepared enough, be the next startup idea to receive funding.

Most startups have a flat system and cultivates talents without bureaucracy. If you have the idea, there are many ways to get your foot at the doorstep especially if you are genuinely into startups.

1. Identify the startup ecosystem in your city

Startup ecosystem vary from city to city, you have to do your fair share of research and study your target industry. Some cities may not be equally as entrepreneurial as other cities. Nonetheless, you have to see the startup ecosystem as solutions provider to a bigger problem, which is innovation. If you are a budding startup creator you have to think of the startup industry as an innovation more than a profit making industry.

2. Know the startup players and startup communities in your city

There are communities who develop solutions to these problems, that you have to find and be involved. This is how you could break in to startup industry, you must know the startup key advocates, understand the pressing issues and startup trends relevant in your city. Most startup accelerators and incubators keep a close eye on these communities to tap potential top talents. As a budding startup creator, being part of such a community is critical to your holistic growth as an innovator and entrepreneur.

3. Attend your local startup events

Once you know the who's who of your startup ecosystem make sure to know your local startup events. Events are your best source of opportunities, by attending so will introduce and possibly network you with like-minded startup innovators. Yes, Linkedin and twitter might help you find the relevant people in startups but there's nothing like personal connection.

4. Don't be afraid of competition

Once you get in the startup ecosystem radar, you can't get away with the fact that you have to pitch your ideas and business model at some point. If you're  just starting out, copying of any sort will bother you, but fret not. Don't make this a hindrance to learn from industry experts.  After all, ideas came from a series of different ideas combined. Remember you have to focus on innovation. If someone can do your idea better, that's because they can innovate better.

5. Start your idea no matter how small

Make sure you have started out your idea with a concrete plan on execution. Although you may not be experienced yet, startup innovators would not determine that for you. Keep in mind that you are seeking apprenticeship to expand your knowledge not to brainstorm ideas. If you are not prepared for this stage yet, there are ways to go about it, either you work first in a startup industry that you are interested in, go volunteer or find anything that would give you a valuable experience for your startup idea.  Keep yourself moving no matter how small it is, that's the most important part.

6. Decide what do you want to learn from your mentor

Just to get startup innovator as your mentor would mean a lot. But before you even get a mentor make sure you know exactly what do you want to learn. Understand that not all experienced startup innovators might help you exactly with your idea. Some are generalists, some are experts. You have to identify clearly why do you need mentor and what do you want to get out of it.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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