Facebook Blunders That Can Sabotage Your Marketing Efforts

Are you impressed with the level of awareness that Facebook creates? The way your posts and news can go viral and gain momentum in no time is indeed awe-inspiring. Facebook might seem as the most ‘social’ social website and is one of the most visited social websites. Even though social media is a highly effective and audience-driving marketing tool it needs to be leveraged in the right way to prevent it going against you.

Using your Facebook Account as a personal medium to build social relationships and capitalizing on it as a way to propagate and grow your business are two different things. It’s not just about sending an exodus of information at the audience but it’s about knowing your audience and connecting to them and making it work for their business. Social media experts often highlight the most common faux pas that marketers make on Facebook and should seriously consider amending it.

  • Going overboard with the promotional tactics
Your company Facebook page is crucial for your brand and your brand needs it. Hence you need to leverage it very carefully so that it does not push away your audience rather than attracting them towards your brand. Newly found brands need to start off briskly and not take up aggressive marketing tactics to bombard their target audience and get them all stuck up in the information overload. Too many posts or highly bickering content, constantly telling you to ‘like’,’ share’ and ‘comment’ can put off your potential customers. Sometimes simply putting the knowledge on the forefront is enough to educate your target market and solicit a response that will boost your brand image.
  • Put the ‘social’ in Social
Do justice to the ‘social’ part of Facebook. Brands which believe in making a connection with their audience rather than simply putting their advertising information through are usually the ones who progress in leaving everlasting impressions. Facebook marketing is the most apt form of dialogue marketing and not monologue marketing and hence should be treated that way as well. Your audience should feel the connection with you and not just be superfluously connected to your page while you continue to be engrossed in marketing your product or services and do not bother to indulge with your audience on an interpersonal level.

The art of not only driving web traffic but also keeping them engaged is a great art and you need to learn that skill by making that link through though-provoking and entertaining posts. Respond to user queries and help them stay active and connected not just with you but also with other fellow customers. This will help spread positive word of mouth. Once you have made loyal customers through one medium you can engage them across different platforms to promote your brand. Happy customers are a sign of a successful brand.

  • Not making use of Google Analytics
Just like many other internet marketing mistakes that marketers make, similarly Facebook marketing can also fail if not approached with the right mindset and a properly planned marketing plan in place to be executed. Not paying considerable attention to the insights regarding your brand or business means missing out a truly essential part of the feedback process. Checking the insights for your brand can paint quite a decent picture of what type of audience visits your website that is demographically laying down the facts to better be able to guide you in market segmentation. Knowing when your audience is most active can help you engage them better by scheduling posts during that time of the day, enabling you to reach out to a larger share of the audience.

Consumer buying behavior and the resulting purchase decision can be highly influenced by purchases being made in their social circle. Hence, this presents a very attractive opportunity to tap into a market of unidentified potential customers by tracking mutual friends on Facebook. 51% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase under the influence of friends.  Measuring online activity can indeed be a great option.

  • Taking the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach
Your marketing content should be tailored as per the medium you are posting it on. Advertisement is not a blind game and you need to keep the pros and cons on mind of the potential effect of your promotional material that you post. When businesses take up creative content that was specifically crafted for other social mediums and try to take a shortcut and post them on Facebook it is like a doing a great disservice to your brand image and your customer. Your audience on Facebook interacts with Facebook posts in a totally different manner then they would with a billboard or video ad. Hence, your messages should be tailored to the Facebook platform.
  • Posting irrelevant or off-brand content
Your Facebook page should deliver a clear and consistent brand image. Your posts and content uploaded on your business Facebook page should be in harmony with the message your brand is trying to convey. You need to stay true to your brand motto and purpose and not go about posting random posts and bizarre stuff that it totally off-topic and has no connection with what you deal in. Keep your niche in mind and you can opt for a few light posts to avoid monotony once in a while. Sharing a variety of content pertaining to your specialty can give your audience some change and stay connected. You don’t want your audience to be negatively engaged.

Adopt techniques and strategies that keep you content ever-green and are not the same type of posts and pictures. Experiment with the content you share and present viable information about your business, product or service through quotes, infographics or other creative ways of displaying information.

Not all social media is created equal and you need to understand that. Building your credibility and reputation in the market calls for an all-rounded approach towards social engagement. Designing a successful marketing campaign around social media tools like Facebook can have a considerable impact on your online presence and brand image. Just be careful to avoid the common Facebook blunders whose devastating effects we often underestimate.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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