Explainer Videos - A New SEO Mantra in 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was born somewhere in the mid-1990s. It's been more than 2 full decades since then, yet it doesn’t seem to be near its adulthood. I myself is revolving around SEO for more than 10 years and based on my own experience, I can say that SEO is still in its childhood.

I started learning SEO when tricks like meta keyword tag, keyword stuffing, keywords based content was going out and things like original content, small keyword density, high keyword prominence coming in. It was somewhere around 2004 when PageRank was a big thing and recommended content length was minimum 300 words, and some industry leading professional started talking about user experience. Seems like the core foundation of today’s SEO was laying in those days.

Today, things are changed in a BIG way. Hundreds of thousands of updates have been taken in this small period of 10 years and instead of 300 words, we require 1000+ words content today (an example). Google is just one thing, and it is user experience. And Google is working tremendously hard to produce organic results which completely makes searcher happy by retrieving those results which the searcher was actually looking for (somewhat regardless to the queries which may not make full sense). So, now every SEO strategy revolves around just ONE THING and it is User Experience.

User experience is such a huge thing that Google started (a few years ago) considering social media signals as a part of their core algorithm. If your content is not making your Facebook friends happy then your content must not make rest of the world happy and hence it should not come up in the top positions of Google organic results. It’s so obvious!! To me, it seems like… Google will put your website in front of the world when you prove that your content is much liked by your online friends. And your online friends will become happy when you have some real worth in your content. And mere 300 words of content seems just cannot enough make your page worthy enough to beat everyone else in the competition. That is why we have a new trend of the lengthy content page. Neil Patel says that have 2000+ words on each page. His intention is to put max worth on your page.

But just have a look here, 2000 words of content on each page. Do you think your website users have so much of time to read all 2000 words? No matter how super rocking content you have written, nobody is going to sit for 30 minutes having a single page on their screen and read your 2000+ words content. Right? This was my prime confusion when I started writing lengthy content. I am sure this is the latest concern for many.

I found the solution to this serious concern when I was searching for a really nice video and animation company for my whiteboard video requirement and me stumble upon explainer videos service page of Spiel, a good video development company. Well, explainer videos (exactly like they sound) are those videos which explain something. And that something could be any how-to-do stuff or any math’s formula.

Now, consider this. Suppose you adopt a new habit of writing 2000+ words content for your each blog post. So cool. And you created an explainer video and embed it in the top of the content. Now, what will happen? Visitors will now just need to watch the video and whole blog post content will be delivered to them. What all you and your visitors need? This is a perfect example of a win-win solution. Your website visitor gets all the valuable information in your blog post so easily like they are enjoying some movie and you get much higher engagement on your website. Now, google will start loving your website as the visitor retention rate (staying on the website) is too high.

Explainer Videos are the damn good thing for any website in 2017 and upcoming several years (maybe for forever). There are several direct benefits such as--

  • Increased value of your website through videos. Videos are the most loving thing (media) for any human being and it will always be. That’s why videos platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion are highly popular.
  • Increased engagement and hence increased business. User engagement is directly proportional to the number of sales, volume of sales and business as a whole.
  • Increased popularity. Videos are the second most thing which people do share with their online connections after image. And sharing means a big thing for popularity.
  • Increased conversion rate. When your thoughts are fully delivered with explainer videos to your target audience (which is difficult with lengthy content) then conversion rate will go much high.
  • Top of everything, you’ll get better Google organic results. You are adding value when it comes to user experience and this is the most loving thing for Google organic results.
Explainer videos trend is just started. Moz is doing it unknowingly (or knowingly; who knows) for long-time by writing transcribed content for their videos. They are providing content for their videos, but here we talk about providing videos for your content. Explainer videos are going to be one of the big changed things in 2017. Get ready for the same and start adding more value to your content by supporting it with explainer videos.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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