Exhibition Stand Design: It Matters

Exhibition stands come in lots of different shapes and sizes. It’s not the bare bones of a stand that makes it stand out though – it’s the design that your stand incorporates. Stands come in all shapes and sizes and covering those bare bones with great graphics is vital if you’re serious about making a great impression with potential clients when you attend your next trade show. Ask yourself now: What impression will your stand make on visitors?

What makes a great exhibition design?

It’s often hard to put your finger on exactly what makes exhibition stands look good. It actually comes down to a range of factors – they include:
  • Use of colour: Much like printed marketing materials such as flyers, a stand should incorporate a limited range of colours – a range that’s predetermined before the design actually goes ahead. Ideally those colours should be consistent with the colours found in your company’s overall branding efforts. Whilst you want to catch the attention of attendees, you don’t want to put them off by using too many bold, bright colours. Likewise, you don’t want people to pass your stand by completely without noticing it, because it features a dull mix of drab, dark colours. Getting the colour scheme right isn’t easy, but it’s majorly important.
  • Size and shape: The bigger your stand, the more attention it will get – it’s quite simple really. Some of the most popular stands at trade shows tend to be the ones located on the over-sized pitches in the middle of the exhibition room. All the little stands nestle on the outskirts of the room while the big boys sit proudly in the middle of things. The size and shape of your stand is just as important as the graphics that are printed onto your stand.stand design, display stands
  • The finish: Lots of brands spend time working on a great design incorporating great colours and graphics. They let their stand down by selecting an unsuitable finish, however. You can choose from finishes like matt or gloss – but you’ve got to consider carefully where your stand will be located. If your stand will be sat directly under a bright light, a gloss finish is a recipe for disaster – passers-by will be dazzled by your stand as they try to catch a glimpse (and they won’t be dazzled in a good way!)
  • Consistency with the rest of your brand image: If you’re designing a stand to be used by a high-end brand, it makes sense to pay very close attention to detail. You’ve got to get the right finish and you need to use the right colours. It’s definitely not easy, but somehow you’ve got to make your stand consistent with the other visible aspects of your business. It has to look and feel like your retail store, or the product packaging your business produces. Your stand is little more than an extension to your existing business infrastructure. If customers are to realise that however, the stand needs to be consistent in every possible way.

Designing your stand

There are lots of exhibition services out there that will help you design your stand, but you’ll need to give them a brief or a plan to work from. If you can address the points above, you should have a fairly rigid plan to pass on – from that plan, your stand design will be born!


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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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