Events that Rocked the SEO World Last 2015

Events from 2015 Moz Con

Over the last 25 years since the beginning of SEO trends, SEO in itself has evolved into an adaptive structure that has shaped the way information is brought to every individual who uses a search engine. Remember the first attempts of marketers on the job? They ended up stuffing keywords, producing spammy backlinks, and tagging excessively. But we all know by now that Google has implemented rules and regulations to promote ethical practices in the Internet. As a result, most of its content are highly accessible and engaging or in other words very user-friendly. Now that we've summarized the before and after of SEO, here’s a quick overview of the events that rocked the SEO world last year:


Date: July 13-15, 2015


The MozCon was held in Seattle and it lasted for three days. For the whole duration of the event, the key speakers discussed about social media, brand development, analytics, content marketing, community building, and so on. They informed the attendees of the latest trends and strategies on these topics.

2.SES Conference & Expo

Date: October 21-22, 2015


SES is an event series brought to you by Search Engine Watch. The SEO event lasted for two days and the same goes with all the other countries where the event took place. It gave the attendees a chance to visit parts of Asia, America, and Europe where they received workshops, sessions, and  networking opportunities.

3.Brighton SEO

Date: April 22, 2015


Representatives from various SEO agencies and companies attend these events to ensure that they are updated with the latest practices, trends, and strategies. They certainly benefit from these events because they get to implement what they learned and get even better results than before. As for Brighton, they provided the attendees with training workshops and conferences that were focused on search marketing as well as networking opportunities among the digital marketing professionals.

4.Content Marketing World

Date: September 8-11, 2015s


This event is held annually in United States and it’s the biggest event that focuses on content marketing alone. Every year, they invite content marketing leaders and other high-profile professionals from the communications and writing industries. We all know how important content marketing is to SEO.

5.Search Marketing Expo

Date: Varies per country


Last but not the least, Search Marketing Expo claims to be the largest search engine marketing conference in the world. The conference series was held in London, Paris, Beijing, Sydney, and 7 different cities in this year alone. Perhaps it’ll even be bigger this 2016 but who knows? What’s clearly evident is that there are hundreds and thousands of individuals in the digital marketing industry who are taking advantage of the sessions and the chance to have a professional discourse with any of the speakers.

This sums up five of the events that rocked the SEO world last 2015. If you were to attend any of these events this 2016, where would you go? They happen annually and if you weren't able to catch 2015’s events, there’s always this year. Make sure to catch them for a handful of workshops, relevant discussions, and networking opportunities.

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