Even Small Office Space Can Promote Innovation

Every business owner seeks that all elusive thing in their employees – innovation. It's not something that can be bought and it is difficult to teach, so we need to find increasingly creative ways of encouraging innovation in the workplace. One of the best ways to do this is to create a workplace that creates a really great working environment where innovation can flourish.

What Is Innovation?

Innovation is the process of creating something new and exciting. It could be a new product, a new idea or simply a new method of performing some task which will help streamline your business. Innovation is what keeps any business ahead of the pack. It is thinking outside of the box, not just addressing problems, but improving things that already work.

It is not enough to know what innovation is, we need to understand how to promote it in the workplace. It is not something that can be forced, but it is possible to do this even in the smallest of office spaces. Check out a few great tips for improving innovation in your workplace.

Create An Easy Going Environment

It has been proven that a relaxed and flexible environment can help to increase productivity in the workplace. Cultivating an easy going atmosphere in the office will encourage creativity in the workplace. The days of 9 to 5 are coming to an end as employers begin to accept that not everyone is an early riser. If employees are allowed to work with their natural rhythm then they will be more likely to arrive at work refreshed and eager to get to work. If that means starting work at 11am instead of 9am then why not be a little flexible. As long as the work gets done, does it matter what time it is?

Don't Be Afraid To Be Different

Many businesses are putting pressure on employees to be innovative in order to help the company stand out from the crowd, but then are too afraid to act on ideas. It is important to take calculated risks in business if you are to succeed. Never be afraid to break away from the status quo. Employ people who have different life paths, maybe someone didn't finish college – but does that stop them coming up with creative ideas.

One famous case-study involves PayPal founder Peter Thiel who offered students $100,000 to drop out of college to take up a 2 year business mentoring program. It seems like a bold move, but those who tool the opportunity learned so much more than they would have done in college. Some of the biggest business names in the world did not finish college including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Is Your Office Space Too Stressful?

Productivity and creativity are at their peak when employees feel comfortable and relaxed. Office layout and décor can be a big issue in regards to this. Choosing calming colour schemes and comfortable seating combined with daylight style lighting can help employees feel less stressed in the office. This is particularly important in smaller offices which can easily become cramped and claustrophobic if dark colours and heavy furniture are used.

Offices do not need to be the soulless grey cubicles that they were in the past. There are an increasing number of office providers designing office space as light open spaces with plenty of fresh air and natural light. One of the benefits of renting space in a serviced office building is that you are likely to benefit from a more modern environment.

There are plenty of ways to promote innovation in your workspace. Not only can you create a relaxed and flexible office environment which will allow staff to be comfortable and creative, but you can also be sure to embrace ideas that are a little bit different from the norm. Take risks where it makes sense and encourage your employees to think outside of the box. Only then will you see a natural grow in innovation.

Mike Gardener is one of the owners of TheOfficeProviders. He is a real estate investor with many interests in other sectors. Mike researches and contributes various written features for TheOfficeProviders in areas regarding real estate, including office space for rent and serviced offices, and general business and economy matters. Mike is experienced in the inner workings of both the traditional and flexible workspace industries and has developed close links with various figures in real estate circles, as well other circles.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019
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