Erik Kerr Shares Secrets to Marketing Success

On a recent I Love Marketing podcast, Erik Kerr, co-founder of The Draw Shop, LCC, was interviewed. His company works to provide marketing professionals with the information they need to become better at what they do. The unconventional approach that his company uses is what separates it from the rest of the competition.

The information that’s contained within the videos that his company produces has helped several businesses develop marketing programs and produce positive revenue streams. Plus, as far as whiteboard video pricing is concerned, he offers his videos for an affordable rate.

Addressing Everyone

One of the biggest things that Kerr highlighted was the importance of expressing your message in a way that everyone can understand. You never know who you’re addressing, so it’s best to look at it as if you were addressing everyone. Being able to get this done is quite the feat. You have to attempt several things and gauge the audience’s reaction afterward. The problem is the audience isn’t always going to tell you if their message misses the mark. They will go elsewhere, which means that you as the marketer have absolutely zero room for error.

Alec Drew summed it up best in this article when he said, “Don’t say it cannot be done, just tell them how much it will cost.” This concept underscores the importance of businesses digging deep in an effort to reach their goals. A business might not think that they could use the videos that Kerr’s company sells to make their company better. Their doubt will make it so what they’re saying will continue to be true until they say otherwise. Positive thinking is a big deal when you’re trying to reach your goals. You have to believe if you want to achieve.

Throughout the course of this interview, Kerr went over several pieces of information that everyone should know. Perhaps the biggest one was getting into the minds of your prospects and becoming the only product or service they want to buy. This means that you have to market your product in a way where people don’t look at it as one option. They see it as the only option. This process is difficult because we all have so many products from which we can choose. A consumer is likely not going to see that one product is the only product; however, you have to consider what name recognition brings to the table.

Name Recognition

Name recognition is that unforeseen variable where a company is able to sell a lot of a product simply based off the brand name alone. Everyone knows that they produce a good product or has bought into the notion that their products are good. Perception goes a long way towards selling a product. If a product is perceived as great, everyone will think it’s great. It doesn’t matter how much the competition tries to say that the product is worse than theirs. Nobody will believe them because the fact that the product is good is practically common knowledge.

A new business owner has their work cut out for them. The same can be said about another businessperson who has been in business for a while, but their revenues are sagging. Recovery might seem impossible, but you have to change the way you look at the problem. Switch the word “impossible” to “improbable” and then do what you can to turn it into a reality. Kerr is someone whose company wants to take what people do well and make it so they can do it great. Through the use of teamwork, this feat can become a reality sooner rather than later.



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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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