Employing a New Staff Member Tips

When taking on a new member of staff, you need to put a good amount of effort into picking the right person. It’s especially important when you have a small team, because they will need to be able to work well with your current employees.

So, how can you go about finding the right person, and, more importantly, identifying their qualities? You don’t want to end up with the wrong person, or worst of all, losing someone who could’ve been great. By considering these general points, you can be sure that your decision will be a lot easier to make. Remember, it’s your business and you’ve worked hard to make it work – if you don’t feel right about someone but are unsure why, go with your instinct. It can often be a forewarning of an unseen problem.

Are they capable of doing the work? OR are they qualified? Of course the most important quality that the potential employee needs to have is a capability to do the work. Find out if they have any relevant experience and if not, ask about their qualifications. Although, this is not the be all and end all in choosing staff, someone with hands-on experience will be much more likely to fit into a similar role. Someone with qualifications may have the knowledge base needed to succeed, but they usually take more training if straight out of university, for example.

Decide whether you want to invest time and resources into training someone without any relevant experience, and craft them into their job, or on the other hand are you looking for someone with on the job experience? Someone may have the dedication, intelligence and common sense required that many more experienced people may lack, but possess no form of relevant qualification. It’s all about cutting a balance and seeing where they will go within your business.

Are they going to fit in with the rest of the group? Your team can help make a decision on who will be right for your business. After all, just because someone is capable of doing the job, this doesn’t mean that they should get it. If you have a particular office culture, or a set of personality traits that makes your workplace special, then reflect this in your choice.

Of course, someone not liking 1940s jazz music like the rest of the staff isn’t reason enough, but a stiff attitude could cause problems in a relaxed environment and they may be suited to another company. The right blend of personality and talent are the key elements to a great member of staff, and you can’t have one without the other.

Are they going to add anything to the business? When you hire someone, you shouldn’t want them on board just to come in at 9am and walk out the door 5pm. You should aim to craft a team that are passionate about their work and want to contribute. If someone has a particular skill set that you don’t already have in your office, this can be really valuable and add value to your team as a whole. Look for people who can bring something new to the table and not just the usual tricks.

Are they organized? Unfortunately, unorganised staff members tend to let things hang around and jobs don’t get done. However, if someone admits their organisation is a problem, then you shouldn’t instantly check them off. Instead, weigh up their other qualities to see if they are worth being helped to get on top of their personal management. Help new staff stay organised with the right equipment and offer them proper storage bins and boxes. This will help them to keep on top of everything that needs to be done.

All of these tips will be sure to help you make the right decision, but most importantly of all, go with who feels right for the job, not the person who looks best for it on paper. Good luck!



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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