Email and SMS: A Marketing Marriage Made In Heaven

If you look back at the last 100 years of advertising history, it's amazing how much it's evolved, print advertising in particular. The print medium has gone from simply placing ads in newspapers and magazines, to mass mailings (also known as junk mail), to creating email campaigns, and now to SMS texting.

While none of the older advertising media have gone away completely, it's true that technological developments end up knocking the dominant medium off the top of the hill and supplant it with the latest and greatest new innovation. Even email, which really put a dent in the older paper-based media, has suffered thanks to SMS texting.

Mass email campaigns are certainly still around (unfortunately!), but with more people going mobile, and surveys showing just how many people refuse to open new emails in relation to answering a text, it stands to reason that bringing the two together may yield even greater results.

Let's explore some ways to make this marriage work.

Why Is This A Good Idea, Anyway?

For starters, not everyone has a smart phone, so SMS texting most likely won't reach them. Abandoning email altogether is ultimately self-defeating. On the other hand, people have developed distrust and/or disinterest in bulk email messages and more often than not will simply delete them without even opening them. Reaching them via SMS offers a better chance of success. That's why it's best to cover both bases.

Make It Worth Signing Up For Both

Consider putting out a promotion via SMS text, one where the recipient, provided they reply, receives an email containing a coupon that can be either printed out or scanned. This is an especially effective way of giving people a discount or a "buy one get one free" deal.

By the same token, you can send out an email barrage that instructs people to subscribe to your SMS texting list, and in turn receive a little incentive, again, like a discount or perhaps even some small free promotional item with your logo, etc.

Getting More Names

When it comes to marketing, there's no such thing as having too many subscribers. Consider a contest where customers get something for free (or at a significant discount) for every person they get to sign up for your email campaigns. Your SMS text message could include a link to your website where people can sign up for your email promotions.

Building A Better Brand

When it comes to effectively building a brand, a business needs to present things with one consistent voice, where all of the various parts work together in harmony. Email blasts should reference the SMS side of things at every opportunity, and vice versa.

In fact, a smart business would send out one major email blast a week, and one solid SMS text a week, and have them reference each other. If you want to be really tricky, you could even work some sort of promotion/contest that requires an email user to get a code word from the SMS text, or have the SMS recipients enter a word found only in the email. Sneaky, no?

Naturally, both media should in turn point to the business' website.

It's inevitable that someday, some new technology will come along and supplant SMS. Until then, the smart business will combine it with email advertising and reap the benefits of more customers and increased business. If you're still looking for more ideas, read "Making Your Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns Work Together" for additional insights and inspirations.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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