Effective Strategies for Improving Brand Loyalty


A brand is more than a logo, a name, a color, or a product. It is similar to a house you need to build from scratch. During this creative process, each of these elements goes on top of one another, creating a beautiful, unique entity that stands out. Only by perceiving your brand this way will you be able to set yourself apart from your competitors, attract more customers and, most importantly, boost their loyalty.

Here are some vital strategies that will help you boost your brand image and fortify relationships with your consumers.  


Do Customer Analysis

To deliver a personalized approach and add extra value to your customers, you first need to get to know them. This is exactly when a customer analysis shines. While segmenting your target audience and building buyer personas, you should monitor the widest range of factors possible, including their age, gender, location, education, income, occupation, interests, and beliefs.

You could even take this analysis to the next level by keeping track of your major competitors on social networks. By knowing who likes, shares, and comments on their posts, you will be able to narrow down your target audience even more effectively and be able to adapt your branding and marketing campaigns to their preferences.

Perfect your Company’s Visual Identity

Studies have found that a human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it processes words. When it comes to branding, it is the colors, fonts, logos, and photos you use that interact with your target audience, tailoring the way they perceive and value your brand.  Here are a few aspects of your brand’s visual identity you need to focus on:

A unique logo

When someone mentions Apple, Google or Levi’s, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is their logos. In other words, a logo is critical for building a strong brand identity. Given the fact that it is the aspect of your brand your customers interact with the most, it needs to be memorable, flexible, and simple. Most importantly, it needs to communicate your brand values and be relevant to your target audience.

Precisely because of this, many famous corporations go by distinct names and logos in different countries. For instance, in the U.S., you would grab a Diet Coke, while, in Europe, you would have to ask for a Coca-Cola Light. So, if you’re planning to expand your business internationally and sell products, let’s say, in Melbourne, you should redesign your brand name and logo to meet the market needs. You could even consider hiring an agency specialized in building a brand strategy in Melbourne and leave all the hard work to pros.

The right colors

Is your brand sensual, playful or authoritative?  Nothing answers this question faster than colors. They emphasize your individuality and harmonize the overall visual appeal of your brand. This is why you need to choose them wisely.

For instance, blue is a color of skies and seas and, as such, it stands for reliability and confidence. It’s not surprising that many banks, social networking platforms, and tech giants choose it for their logos. On the other hand, black is bold, sexy, mystic, and sophisticated. It’s used by strong, well-established brands such as Schweppes. Their “For the experienced” slogan and the combination of black and yellow emphasize their authority and challenge their target audience to try out their products and become members of a prestigious buyer community.  

Authentic typography

Many brands choose fonts that are trending at the moment. But, what happens when they lose their relevance? This is exactly why you need to go with typography that works in harmony with other visual aspects of your brand persona, including colors and logo. Just like these two elements, your fonts stand for your brand’s values and goals. 


Inspire your Customers

What differentiates an average brand from an outstanding one is their approach. You should talk to your consumers as if they were your friends. Your company vision and mission statements should show them that you appreciate their differences and believe in them. Most importantly, they should motivate them to achieve whatever they’ve been dreaming of. Of course, you should identify your products as one of the most effective ways to do so.

Let’s take Nike as an example. With their “If you have a body, you're an athlete” mission statement, this globally famous brand encourages people of all shapes and sizes to unleash their inner champions. That’s why we cannot say that they sell sports gear. Addressing their audience’s emotions and constantly motivating them, Nike actually sells and celebrates their individuality and bravery.  

 Be Consistent

Today’s customers are highly specific in their demands and less tolerant of poor products. This is exactly why they always buy from brands they know they can rely on no matter what. To establish yourself as trustworthy, you need to invest a great deal of effort in your brand consistency.

This means that you need to deliver constantly good products or services. Most importantly, consistency is about making realistic promises you can deliver and going the extra mile in exceeding them. By sticking to these golden rules of building brand image, you will not only be able to boost your customers’ loyalty, but also raise the overall corporate culture to a whole new level.

Emphasize your Brand’s Core Values

People are just like snowflakes - each of us is completely different. Some of us may have the same hair color or similar outfits, but it is our behavior and attitudes that make us one and only. The same goes for your brand. Just like a human being, it goes through a plethora of stages, from being born and growing up to making friends and achieving certain milestones. It has authentic objectives and core values that set it apart from a sea of similar companies. To boost customer retention, you need to personify your brand and help your consumers identify with its mission statement.

Let’s take an example of TOMS, Robin Hood of today’s harsh capitalistic landscape. The mission of this brand is to make the world a better place by giving another pair of shoes to children in need for every pair bought. Their voice has exceeded demographic boundaries and inspired everyone with a strong sense of social awareness to choose them over their competitors. It’s not surprising at all, given the fact that 9 out of 10 customers expect companies they buy from to give back to their community.


Back to You

Finally, building brand loyalty is a tedious task, but it’s a must for every company that wants to stay relevant. Remember, your brand image is like a pair of glasses through which your customers observe you. By polishing it up, you will be able to retain your consumers and build stronger relationships with them.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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