Effective small business IT management can save a business money.

Effective IT Management can save you money in many areas including your electricity bill.

An average desktop PC consumes costs around 1.8 cent to run for an hour – so it doesn’t matter if you leave it on right? – WRONG…

1.8 cent per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year adds up to €157.68 running costs per year, per PC.

Of the 365 days, 52 are Saturdays and 52 are Sundays. Everyone in Ireland is entitled to 20 days annual leave and 9 public holidays. That leaves 232 working days, maximum, assuming no sick days, maternity leave or extra company holidays.

So if someone works for 8 hours every day for 232 days a year – and they turn off their computer every night when they go home, the computer running costs are 1.8cent x 8 hours x 232 days = €33.40 for the year, a saving per year, on one PC of €124.28.

So if you have eight average desktop PCs in your office, shutting them down at night will save you around €1000 per year – as well as salve your “Green” conscience.

Oh, and this doesn’t include the power to your PC monitor, which often uses 40% of the electricity of a desktop PC when it’s on. Turn it off!



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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