Effective Corporate Training Videos

In the past couple of decades, video has exploded onto the enterprise scene as a viable delivery mechanism for internal team and company training opportunties. The ability to utilize the best in modern technology with proven teaching methologies and pedagogies delivers robust collaboration, reduced costs and improved team productivity around the globe. Training can be focused on any type of material from new product training, new tool and process guidance or key business information sharing. For groups that are tasked with the need to create effective corporate training videos for global business teams, there are unique features and capabilities that will be required in order to get the maximum benefit for the company as a whole.

Access To Content

Creating content is only one piece of the pie for business videos. If the videos are not watched, there is no point for them to exist. The more people that watch a particular video, the more that information is able to be used, thereby dramatically increasing the impact that the video and its content has while simultaneously reducing the cost per reach or view. While certainly the content itself must be good, of equal importance is to ensure that your video provider or hosting service allows unlimited access and views so that you can maxmize each video you create.

Metrics, Metrics And More Metrics

The only way to know if your efforts are making a difference is to measure the results. Metrics must be part of your video plan from the very beginning. Today’s businesses simply cannot allow material to be created without tracking its effectiveness and knowing whether or not a given asset or program is making a difference. Metrics are one of the most important components to any activity within a business. If the numbers are good, then your team will have validation that it is doing what is needed. If the numbers are bad, then your team knows so that it can then address the problem and improve the situation. If there is no data to indicate that a particular video is not being watched, for example, you would likely simply leave it as is and essentially lose your investment on it. When you learn that improvement is needed, you can act on that and start getting your money’s worth out of your work and helping your teams by properly providing the information they need.

Decrease Time, Increase Results

By allowing full video on demand capabilities for your business training videos, you can reduce the amount of time and overhead that may be spent today on video training session attendance. Providing employees with the option to view videos at alternative times—but still with interactive abilities—is an important way to lower infrastructure and burden on employees’ time while still providing them the infromation they need to be most productive and efficient in their jobs.

Improve Employee Engagement

It has been shown time and again that employee engagement and retention is higher in companies with robust training and internal education programs. Employees respond to corporations’ commitement to training and respond with not only improved business productivity but also increased loyalty and overall engagement. All of this leads to an overall better business environment—and, often, better business results as well.

This is a guest post from Laura Russell from Kzoinnovations.com. It is a site that provides a Social Online Video Platform for enterprises to securely capture, manage and distribute on-demand video content. Get more information about how to create training videos today.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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