Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees

It is a well-known fact that marketing problems are the majority of problems in the business world. If we go from the fact that ’’the motivation is the essential of management’’ it is clear that the most of the problems could be solved by motivating your employees. The three main factors of the motivation are:

1.) To make their work valued, recognized and challenging

2.) That they are rewarded appropriately for their work

3.) Making your management more competent and not self destructive

This means that only the management is creating such conditions that encourage employees to be highly motivated and achieve good results. That being said, how do you create the best conditions to encourage motivation? Here is a list of 10 techniques that will motivate your employees:

1. Demonstrate a perfect working ambient

It is best to manage by example. If you are faking your hard work than the workers will tend to imitate and fake you back. If you are presenting yourself as a hard worker you can expect good results.

2. Show them the big picture

Everyone wants to be a part of something larger and more useful for everyone. Show them why is their job important for themselves and for the whole organization.

3. Set goals and hold them responsible for their fulfillment

For the most of enterprises, setting and achieving various goals is the main occupation. Sometimes you have a lot of ups and downs and the goal seems to get forgotten. The key is to find the right balance.

4. Always provide appropriate feedback

Ask them to give you feedback about the work they have done regardless of whether it is good or bad. That is one of the hardest things to do for a manager, especially if they tell you what they done wrong, but it’s the only way.

5. Promote their successes and accept the responsibility for their mistakes

The best way to gain their trust is if they know that you are covering their backs. Let them know that good results will be rewarded and that the mistakes won’t be punished.

6. Give them conditions to be effective in their work

Give them the freedom and don’t let other managers and bosses affect their work.

7. Give them just the amount of responsibility they can handle

Although they work in groups, the problem with the companies is that the responsibility is mainly a personal thing. Don’t blame them for the mistakes of others.

8. Communicate with them openly and honestly

Be open as much as you can but try not to worry them with confidential information that they don’t need.

9. Give the personal time whenever they what it

Try to give them space for the important things in their lives like their families or a doctor’s appointment. A worker cannot function normally if he has worries at home by raising the children. Let them know that you care and give them a day of as a reward for their efforts.

10. Create good working environment

It is well known that the workplace has different effect on employees depending on, for example, colors and the amount of light. Bright and calming colors like green and peach can have positive effect on your workers. So make sure to do office remodeling at least every five years – change office furniture, paint the office walls, include new wall cladding and use some of the Feng Shui principles. It is their second home after all.

11. Demonstrate empathy, humility and a sense of humor

Show them that you are a man made out of flesh and blood, but of course within some limits. Try not to spoil them but don’t let them think that they are a lower class. This is probably one of the most sensitive techniques for any manager. The main question you have to ask yourself is how to approach your employees and still remain the boss in their eyes.

Motivating your employees can be a complex science but you have to keep on trying to find that trigger that will give your company better results.




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Sunday, 26 May 2019
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