Easy Ways to Get More Likes for Your Facebook Business Page

To have a successful Facebook business page, you need to build a community. If you don’t have a community, you have nobody listening to you, and nobody there to help build your brand awareness.  With your Facebook Page being a great marketing platform, it’s vital to get quality likes to your page, from people who are interested in what you have to say.  This article explains how to get people to like your Facebook Page quickly and easily.

Complete Your Profile

If you want your business page to feel professional, you have to make it look professional.  This means filling in all of the required information on your page, adding a company logo, and a cover photo.  Create a unique description and make sure your page is in the right category.  Not only will this be beneficial for your potential customers, but it will also help Facebook to promote your page correctly.

Add Social Plugins to Your Website

Many websites use Facebook Like Boxes, and there’s a reason for this.  They enable people to like a Facebook Page without needing to log-in to the social media platform to do it.  In addition to Like Boxes, you can also add social plugins underneath every post that you publish.  People can then share your blog post or product with ease to their friends, which can end up netting you more traffic, and more likes on your Facebook Page.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way of getting new likes to your page.  Your ads can be created to specifically target a certain sector of society – for example, females under 25 who enjoy participating in sports.  By targeting your ads, you are improving the chances of people seeing your advertisement and being interested by your page.  Facebook users can either be directed to your Facebook Page or choose to like your page directly from the ad.

Be Active

No-one likes a Facebook Page that isn’t updated.  It’s boring and it makes people lose interest in your company.  By keeping your Facebook Page active and up to date, you will encourage people to interact with you.  When someone comments on a link, or posts to a page, it often appears in their friend’s newsfeeds.  This can help other people to become aware of your Facebook Page, and perhaps even like it themselves.

Run Competitions

One of the best ways to quickly increase the amount of Facebook Page likes is to run a competition. Many people ask people to like and share their Facebook Page and then answer a question in order to enter.  Not only does this increase the amount of likes your page gets, but it also gets the word out about your business.  In order for people to be interested in your competition, however, you’ll need to offer something good.  This could either be something unique, something valuable, or something that people are unable to get elsewhere.

Although it can take a while to increase the number of likes that your Facebook Page receives, these tips should help to improve the rate at which you get them.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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