Easy Ways That You Can Create Green Office Space

A successful business is all about productivity and the balance between resources and output. When it comes to small businesses that do not necessarily have large budgets for investment, recruitment and other resources, creative solutions are more important than ever.

Creating an office space that enables small business employees to work at optimum levels is key – people are far more productive when they are in an inspiring space that ‘works.’ More than ever, people cite an eco-friendly, green space as a definite boon when working in an office.

Looking for simple and affordable ways that you can ‘green’ your office space? We have some top tips below.

Paper vs digital – Go Paperless!

Paperless offices are all the rage these days, and thanks to advancements in the digital world, it is indeed possible to achieve this goal rather easily. You can easily begin to make make smart choices by:
  • Always using recycled paper
  • Printing emails (or other documents) only when absolutely necessary
  • Reusing paper that has been printed on one side as scribbling pads
  • Using smaller fonts when printing can save reams of paper a year

Power usage

Electricity costs you money and natural resources. Take a critical look at how you are using electricity in your office by examining the following:
  • The way you use lights and fans or air conditioners in the office, and switching them off when you do not need them
  • Having a look at your printers, computers and other electronics, and find more energy-efficient options for the same
  • Utilizing natural light whenever possible
  • Investing in solar panels and eco-friendly light bulbs

Water usage

The bathroom toilets in your office space contribute to the greenness of your business in a big way. According to James Chapman, CEO of Bella Bathrooms, some of the ways in which you can make a difference are to:
  • Invest in low-water use toilets
  • Grey water recycling schemes
  • Rainwater harvesting programs
  • Automatic faucets
Get everybody on your team involved in your ‘go green’ program, and encourage them to be vigilant about their water usage and leaking taps. Another related point– loo roll and paper toweling put a drain on the environment too, so always choose the eco-friendly options.

Cleaning products

Products loaded with harsh chemicals are bad for the environment in general, and they can also be unsafe for the inhabitants of your office space. Spend the extra and invest in green cleaning products that get the job done neatly and yet do not leave a big carbon footprint.

Remember – the little things count

Little choices add up, and those small changes can really make a difference in the long run. For instance:
  • Instead of using disposable pens why not choose for pens with replaceable refills?
  • Depending on your industry, business suits don’t need to be an everyday outfit. Suits need to be dry cleaned, and that really adds to environmental stress.
  • Add potted plants and indoor plants to desks and floor spaces; they freshen the indoor air and add a lot of natural cheer to the space
With these simple, affordable and easy to implement tips, you are minutes away from a greener office.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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