Dream. Believe. It'll All Work Out.


The title of my post is a cliché. But you know what? I’ve realized, clichés are clichés for a reason! Because they are true! I only realized this in the twenty-fifth year of my existence! Ever since I was a kid in high school, I had a bucket list (big surprise there!). Strangely, number two on my bucket list was to visit Ireland. Sounds corny, right? But sometimes the truth is corny! I had this strange obsession about the Emerald Isle stemming from literature and movies. Anyway like everyone else’s bucket list, I kept mine on the same shelf where I kept my “Things to do before I die” list and moved on with my life.

Cut to, 2016. I have this great job in one of the top advertising agencies in South East Asia, I have my family, my friends, everything is rosy! But there was something else as well. An unfamiliar desire of breaking out of my comfort zone, an unshakable urge to venture out into the unknown. All these came out in the daylight last year around September when my childhood friend applied to Cork Institute of Technology and came to Ireland for her masters. Her move triggered me to take a chance as well and after almost 10 months of uncertainty, on a sunny day of August 21st, 2017, I came here to the Emerald Isle to do my Masters in Global Business Practice at CIT. Yes, in the same country which was number two on my bucket list! And they say clichés are bad? What’s more? I got a full scholarship from the Government of Ireland covering my tuition and living expenses. This once in a lifetime opportunity has firmed my stance in the two words I live by, dream and believe.

Having never lived by myself before this, I was apprehensive about the whole “living away from your family all by yourself” trajectory! I was warned about the downfalls: loneliness, tiredness, boredom, and homesickness! What I wasn’t told about was, and thus became a pleasant surprise for me, was that I was coming to Ireland where the people are in a competition with themselves: how to be nicer? I live here with this wonderful Irish lady and her adorable cat in the quaint little town of Ballincollig. Having lived among the hustle and bustle of a busy city all my life, this serenity is overwhelmingly refreshing for me! Living with my landlady is like living with my mother! Ever since I’ve come here, she’s never let me feel homesick even for a day. Not just her, her entire family has opened their arms for me and they treat me like one of their own. Well, nobody had told me about this part of living alone!

So here I am, three-months-old on the greenest island. Warming up to strangers in the cold weather. Getting to be in a college which ensures each of their students feel welcome. Learning about the various aspects of conducting global business which, I believe, will help me achieve further success in the career ladder. Learning new things about myself like, apparently, I am an excellent cook (and I am seriously not bragging! I have alibis). Making friends every day and everywhere, believe me, last day I met this old lady on the bus who ended up inviting me for dinner at her place after an eight-minute bus ride! Getting mesmerized by this absolutely beautiful slice of heaven on earth. And finally, being a part of the world-famous Irish culture.

A year back, this all would have been a dream for me. A far-fetched dream of an Indian girl coming from a humble background. But today, not only am I living my dream, my dream has also turned into my reality. It may take a while for me to make myself believe that this is actually happening. But I am sure I’ll get there, soon. It’ll all work out!




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Fionan Murray on Thursday, 23 November 2017 17:26

Great blog Rohini. Welcome to the madness

Great blog Rohini. Welcome to the madness
Rohini Roy on Thursday, 23 November 2017 19:56

Thanks Fionan!

Thanks Fionan!
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