Don't Underestimate The Role Of Social Media In Digital Marketing

The Role Of Social Media In Digital Marketing: Coca-Cola, the iconic brand made a lot of noise in the market last year with its #ShareaCoke campaign.

One campaign that got millions of people talking about it!

One campaign that touched the hearts of millions!

The social media campaign centered on the global trend of self-expression and sharing was Coca Cola's way of triggering an emotional response from its target audience. Needless to say, Coca-Cola with its personalized bottle campaign witnessed a dramatic increase in sales.

The online buzz it generated across various channels was been primarily responsible for its groundbreaking success.

Coke had publicly said there had been more than 125,000 posts about the campaign across all social media channels in as little as a month after the campaign began. There is absolutely no doubting the virality of the campaign.

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The learning is this – If you want to grow your business, you need to maximize the potential of social media.

Social media has changed the face of digital marketing. To win in marketing, your strategy must include social media.

How Important is Social Media to Businesses?

Whether it is information or entertainment, people gravitate to social media sites for gaining insights about a product or service. These sites, therefore, offer businesses the chance to utilize their volume economy, presenting them with a rapidly increasing user base of potential customers and communications targets, for free.

Besides this, one of the best aspects of social media marketing is its ability to quickly reflect the experiences of people by capturing any popular sentiment.

WestJet's social Christmas campaign is an awesome example that best illustrates my point. It immediately piques the interest of customers.

When it comes to branding, social media marketing is a 'must use' tool. According to Social Media Today, 70% of marketers acquire new customers through Facebook.

One of the most important features that social media provides is the interpersonal interaction with customers. This further helps in the humanization of the brand in this fast paced digital world.

But there's more to it than just brand personalization.

It also helps in strengthening brand image.

Autodesk, rated as the first best social media superstar of 2014, engages and helps its customers through social media. It also experiments with new social platforms. In 2013, it held its first "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit and created an Autodesk community on Buzzfeed.

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The company's social media efforts are a text book example of what your brand needs to be doing for maximizing social media deliverables.

Most Important Benefit

But its biggest benefit is that it plays a huge role in generating leads. So it can easily help you in getting more sales.

People assume that your business will be on social channels. And they expect to be able to use these channels to get in touch with you. In the end it all boils down to credibility. Lack of social networking profiles of your business makes you look less legitimate. Yes, you read that right.

Let's take a look at some statistics that reinforce my point.

Research shows that 71% of all internet users are now active on social media sites. According to the Social Media Marketing Report 2014 , at least 89% of marketers want to know the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media. The two dominant social media giants, Facebook and Twitter have their number of active users increasing exponentially. Facebook has over 1.15 billion users currently, whereas Twitter has almost 215 million active users. Research shows that the number of monthly active users at Google+ has reached 359 million. According to a report released by research firm L2, Instagram engages its target audience the most as compared to other social media channels. The report also shows that 92% of luxury brands who post an average of 5.5 times a week on Instagram increase their customer base. 46% of users use social media as a primary source in their purchase decisions.

A strong social media presence also helps you strengthen your online presence. You need to use a collection of tools that will help you track the following metrics:

Connections on LinkedIn and how many of them are sending traffic to your site. Likes, shares and comments on Facebook and blog posts. Followers and Retweets on Twitter Views, likes and subscribers on YouTube. Number and quality of inbound links to your content. Reviews, Ratings and their impact on products/services sales.

And more.

It's important to understand that you need to determine how many of your fans and followers on social media convert into leads. This will help you frame and implement better social strategies and content. Let me make it very clear. Social media is not to be used for pushing your products or services on to your followers.

Your job is to share credible information that is useful, actionable and shareable. So, if you are a Raleigh web design company, don't go sharing content that talks about your company and its location; it's important to look beyond your company and share content that helps your target audience at some level.

So the point here is - your target audience expects that your social channels need to have something for them, some value that they can bring to their lives.

If your business is still not active on social channels, you are missing out on sales opportunities already. Now is the time to get started and embrace social media.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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