Does Search Engine Optimization Still Matter in 2016?

Does Search Engine Optimization Still Matter in 2016?

Many experts believed that the importance of SEO, would decline over the last year. SEO is one of the best methods to bring traffic and authority to your website. It can be an area of miscommunication and conflicting advice, making it hard for new web developers to get a full grasp on what works the best.

You can be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information on the web about SEO and how much it matters for your website. However, some believe this importance is going to decline and give way to rankings mostly based on content and quality. There are tons of articles telling you that Google doesn’t care about keywords, or backlinks aren’t important.

Lucky for us, these articles are generally wrong. SEO still is vital for websites; the trends just have changed. It is important for website owners to pay attention to what tools for SEO are working currently. Here are some of the ones you should make you pay attention.

  1. Bounce Rates Matter

It is a good idea for you to use some sort of analyzing software, such as Google Analytics, to determine your bounce rate. What is bounce rate? It is the number of people who arrive at your website, but they quickly leave.

While knowing your bounce rate isn’t a tool, it is important because it can destroy your SEO efforts. Google believes that a higher bounce rate means low quality websites. Take some time to draw the readers. Make your articles easier to read; larger paragraphs lose your readers’ attention quickly.

  1. Videos are Needed

Readers like to be entertained; adding videos to your articles are important. They also can increase your page ranking. Google loves blended results; search engines sometimes will give preference to websites with videos, images and text instead of just text. Having your own YouTube channel is going to be an important tool as well.

  1. Backlinks Still Matter

This should make you feel good if you spent time indexing all those backlinks. It is nearly impossible to get first page ranking without backlinks. You don’t want multiple backlinks from the same website or from low quality websites. However, if dozens of high quality, different websites have your backlinks, your ranking is going to jump.

  1. Social Media is Crucial

If you aren’t using social media, you aren’t going to gain the traffic you want. Content from social media is found by Google and can help increase your rankings. Also, search engines now find all of your social media accounts if someone was to search for your business. Using social media to increase your SEO and to connect with your clientele is more important now than ever.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Having a website that is hard to read on a mobile device is going to send your visitors packing. Over half of your visitors are going to be on their smartphones. Refusal to move with the time and make your website mobile optimized is going to cause failure. It is more essential now than ever.

  1. Article Size Matters

Articles between 1,200 to 1,500 words are going to rank higher than those lower or higher, on average. Google wants to send their viewers to website with high quality content. It is very important to make sure the articles are pleasing to the viewers’ eyes. Break up the content, use headlines, bullet points, and images to help the readers scan and read easier.

  1. Keywords Aren’t the Queen Bee Anymore

Keywords still play a part, but they aren’t the end-all be-all that they once were. Google is getting much better at analyzing websites for their intentions. The days when you have to embed the same keyword 3 to 5 times into an article are declining. Search engines are smarter now than ever before.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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