Disney is here yet again!

No I am not talking about a new movie about to hit your nearest multiplex. Rather it is the name of Disney Park that has again come up earlier in Forbes and now in one of the recent blog posts in My Customer. So what is it that has compelled writers like Carmine Gallo and Colin Shaw to proclaim Disney Park as the epitome of magical customer experience, prodding other customer-facing merchants and businesses to rethink over their customer initiatives?

The following paragraphs will provide you the answer.

1. No complacent attitude:

Like any other brand, Disney tries to create a magical experience for its guests with all the things they have thought of.. However, unlike others, Disney does not remain complacent and gratified for long. In fact, it has set the highest bar when it comes to constantly trying to push the experience boundaries to the next level. And this is precisely the reason behind the regular innovations/updates Disney keeps bringing to improve the customer experience.

2. Quick cater to customer hassles:

Analyzing the unprecedented popularity and rush that the park has been witnessing, Disney has sensed lots of hassle for the visitors who come to soak up the Disney Magic. It has become explicitly clear to them that for any guest to wait for 45 minutes to get a hug and photo with Mickey, the experience would be anything but magical.

Consequently, Disney is soon planning to transform the experience for its guests by coming up with an advanced and improved way to experience the park. Result – no long lines that can mar the park experience for guests.

According to the development, guests will have the option to buy their tickets online. In addition, they will also be able to plan their day in advance i.e. the shows they will attend, rides they will ride and time when they will have their lunch. A “MagicBand”; or wristband will be send via the mail that will have the personalized itinerary described.

Guests can buy food, drinks, souvenirs and merchandise with a wave of the hand, as the band will be linked to their credit card too. The idea behind this transformation is to make the guests experience the Disney World with a wave of hand, like magic.

3. Make every customer feel important:

Being ‘assertively friendly’ is the mantra followed by all employees at Disneyland. According to the sources, Disney team members are trained and encouraged to actively seek opportunities to interact with guests. Put simply, instead of waiting to be asked for help, employees proactively approach first-time visitors to help them guide through the directions.

Explaining this context better, let’s see what Carmine Gallo has stated about his experience in Disneyland – ‘’I went to Disneyland with my family. One of the employees noticed we were trying to figure out who would take the picture. Voluntarily, he came up and said -   “I’d be glad to take the picture for you,”

Disney has a special custom of handing out badges to the first-time visitors or the ones who have come on their birthdays.  The badges have the first name of the guest written over it, so that the employees can informally address them by their names.  Needless to say, such an approach makes the visitors feel special.

4. Comprehensively informed employees:

One of the key factors that make Disney special is the team members who hold updated information about every event occurring in the park. So if the train is even a second late leaving the station, the conductor immediately explains exactly why the train is delayed.

In the words of Carmine Gallo, ‘’ Disney ensures that all its staff is trained to answer common questions, even if it’s not directly related to what they do; which is why you have employees knowing the exact time, status and duration of the event about to take place at another end of the park.

And if you see carefully, this is what differentiates Disney from other brands. In most businesses, employees are not trained to be effective communicators. For example, cashiers at a departmental store are just trained to take your money and that’s it. They know nothing about a few common items in the store - the exact opposite of the Disney customer service experience.’’

The Shaw’s take on it –

According to Collin Shaw, Disney does the best job in mingling Customer Experience culture and Employee Engagement. They ensure to have their employees buy in to the brand promise and live up to it every day to deliver a great customer experience.

4 keys that frame the concept of Disney’s magical customer experience -

  • Safety: Committed to the safety of all in the park.
  • Courtesy: Committed to being courteous and respectful to every guest.
  • Show: Be show-ready at all times.
  • Efficiency:  Use advanced resources wisely to offer the best to the guests.
These four keys are customer-focused ideas, designed to help Disney keep its brand of magic up to the highest standard. Analyzing this, Shaw believes, that as business entrepreneurs, most of us are keen on providing an excellent customer experience to our clients. (Nothing wrong in it) But if we constantly focus on seeing the whole experience through the eyes of the customers, this is when we too can render something MAGICAL – something that creates an experience to entice our customers to keep coming back.

And this can only be possible when we think of serious customer-centered initiatives such as investing in cloud based CRM solutions. Just like Disney ensures that all its employees are on the same page by keeping them all informed about every event happening, similarly, the CRM will serve as the consolidated database containing the updated sales, marketing and customer-service actions. Result – you will deliver a Disney quality experience to your customers – seamless across all channels.




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Monday, 22 July 2019
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