6 Key Digital Marketing Trends You Can Expect To See In 2019


Whether inbound or outbound marketing, an effective digital marketing strategy is essential to growing your business in 2019. Digital marketing, when done well, can exponentially increase site traffic, build your customer base and drive sales and revenue. As technology continues to develop at breakneck speed, so do digital marketing tactics and techniques, so it is essential to keep up with the latest trends in this area in order to optimise your strategy. Here are 6 key digital marketing trends you can expect to see in 2019.

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1. Increasing Emphasis On Formal Strategies

Just like having a professional business plan, having a formal digital marketing strategy is essential to success. Throughout 2018 we have seen growing recognition from businesses that it is crucial to have not only some kind of plan for digital marketing, but a formal, written strategy.

In 2019 businesses will see that having a formal digital marketing strategy is the only way they will be able to take advantage of the increasing number of opportunities which are opening up thanks to new digital and communications technologies. A formal strategy let businesses develop the strongest, most comprehensive ways to engage with their audience, build their customer base and ultimately drive more sales and revenue.

Furthermore, companies will realise that this strategy needs buy in from the executive and needs to be clearly communicated to the entire team if it is to be executed effectively.

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2. Decline Of Low Quality Link Building

More and more businesses are getting involved in link building as they recognise the power of this strategy in SEO. This unfortunately includes a number of brands and companies who are using low quality guest posting strategies, which has resulted in more and more sites becoming “pay-to-play”. That is, accepting content on the basis of companies who pay for guest posts, rather than based on the quality or relevance of the post.

As these techniques become more common it is likely that Google will adjust their algorithm to minimise impact of obviously purchased guest post approaches. Google has long used backlinks and citations to gauge the credibility of a site, and it won’t be long before they find a way to disregard (at least to a large extent) low quality and paid links.

For digital marketers this means that in 2019 they will need to ensure their link building strategies are truly sharp and on point, as only truly quality guest posting techniques will translate into rankings.

3. Dominance of Voice Technology

Voice technology and voice searches have risen greatly in popularity in 2018, with 58% of consumers using voice search to find local business information within the year. This is important digital marketing concern for businesses because search results from voice assistants are different from desktop or mobile search results. Specifically, on desktop or mobile you are delivered hundreds of results (although most users are unlikely to check past the first page of results). For most voice search platforms, you will only receive one result. This means that it is critical to be the number 1 ranking result: it is essentially all or nothing.

Additionally, voice search phrases tend to be conversational phrases rather than written terms or groups of keywords which you will likely find in written search terms. Therefore, tailoring SEO to these kinds of search terms is important to rank in voice searches.

4. Video Will Continue To Stay Strong

Video is already one of the most successful digital marketing tools, and there are no signs of this changing in 2019. As consumers’ attention spans continue to shorten, they are more and more likely to watch a video, or at least the first five seconds of a video, than read a blog post. Video will continue to be a central tool on many platforms, but particularly on social media. Here, live video in particular will go from strength to strength.

Live video is a great way to engage with consumers, thanks to interactive nature. Interactive forms of digital marketing are particularly important in a world where consumers are becoming every more cynical of traditional advertising. Live video gives brands a chance to build relationships with their customer base and increase customer loyalty, while personalising their brand image.

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5. AI Will Start To Evolve SEO

AI and natural language processing (NLP) has been the dominating trend in the tech sector in 2018, with AI driving innovation across many industries, from finance to medical research. Many are now saying that AI will start to have impacts on SEO as we enter the new year.

Although we will start to see the effects of AI on SEO, we are likely years away from turning SEO on its head. One area in which AI is already having an impact is when it comes to complex search terms in Google. Nowadays users are becoming more likely to enter entire phrases into Google rather than one or two keywords, and Google’s algorithm is adapting to be able to effectively interpret and respond to these phrases.

For SEO, this means that it is necessary to take a more and more complex approach to keywords. This means conducting extensive research to find and group keywords, identifying exemplar keywords, and using long tail keywords as well as primary keywords.

6. Chatbots For Customer Service And Sales

Providing excellent customer service has always been a priority for all businesses. As chatbot technology develops, businesses are discovering it can be put to more uses and for greater effect. Chatbots are an automated tool which can interact with customers and resolved their problems (or at least pass them up the line) in real time, no matter the time zone or time of day.

It is easy to see why chatbots are appealing to business owners: the technology is significantly cheaper compared to a large human workforce, at least on paper. However it remains to be seen whether chatbots can replace great customer service people, or be as effective as real sales people in closing the deal.

It will be interesting to see how these 6 digital trends play out over the next year. Have you been implementing any strategies for your marketing to take account of any of these? Tell us in the comments below.  



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Thursday, 24 January 2019
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