Digital Diligence: How To Create A Marketing Plan For Your Online Business

An online marketing plan should be built into a traditional marketing plan. The process of designing an effective strategy is simple if you follow a few basic steps.

1 - Target Market

You must understand which market is your targeted market by pulling data from your marketing plan. If you don’t have a business plan, install analytic software on your website. An analytic program can give you statistics about your fans and typical visitors.

2 - The Goal

All small business owners have a goal when they develop their marketing plans. The goal may be to increase brand awareness, to capture emails for newsletters, or to increasing traffic. You cannot measure your success if you do not set a goal.

3 - Consistent Branding

Your customers and clients should know what you sell by simply glancing at your website and your brochure. Each marketing element must match, so always use the same fonts, logo, color scheme, and images.

4 - Management

Before you purchase Google Ads to market your business, hire someone to monitor the campaign, because updates will be needed. If you tackle this task alone, you must set aside an hour each day for management. After you understand the process, you can reduce your management duties to about 15 minutes a day.

5 - Basic Requirements

To be successful, your business must cover every online media option. You will need a blog, a website, a twitter account, a Facebook fan page, and an email newsletter.

The website should be simple to use, because your customers or clients will leave quickly if they cannot find what they need easily. To maintain your customers, place details about your twitter account, Facebook page, and blog on your website. The design of your blog should match your website’s design. Place your logo boldly on your blog because your visitors must notice it.

Although a Facebook account is free, building a special page is recommended because it will give you an edge of the competition. The special page should be used for promotions each month. After you design the page, set it up so that your visitors are automatically directed there. Twitter is also a free service, but your page will need a custom background that includes your company’s color scheme.

An email marketing client will help you manage your email campaigns more resourcefully. Most companies will charge a fee based on the number of people you will send email to. Email marketing clients provide custom email templates, so you can easily choose a theme that matches your brand. To avoid scam issues, always use the opted-in feature when you ask for emails.

6 - Mistakes To Avoid

You should never start a marketing campaign without researching and testing your marketing efforts. Various packages and prices must be tested at your local store first. After you get input from your customers, you can spend money on a big marketing campaign without any risks.

Never use marketing campaigns to build up your business. Campaigns should be used to get an immediate response from your customers and clients.

If you market without a unique selling proposition, your business will not be successful. Your unique selling proposition will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

80% of your business comes from your previous customers. If you fail to resell to these customers, you will lose more money each year. The process of getting sales from new customers is difficult because they may not trust your company. This is why you must always market to your existing customers.

Most business owners also fail because they do not consider the needs of their clients and customers. If you want to keep your customers happy, you must find a problem and solve it by designing a unique solution.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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