Developing a Solid Marketing Plan

Does your company currently have a marketing plan in place? Well according to statistics, companies that have well documented marketing plans are more often satisfied with their marketing results. Let’s face it, without a strategy in place, you’re haphazardly spreading the word about your products and services. This in turn means that you may or may not get the type of traffic you’re hoping for.

Since customers equal profits and profits equal a successful business, then you must get more customers, which is done through marketing. If you’re not properly marketing your brand, you need to go back to the drawing board and draft a marketing plan. Here you can find a step by step guide from Robofirm to writing a marketing plan. In the meantime, let’s look a bit closer at the consequences of not having a plan in place:

  1. Documented Plans Keep Your Company Goals and Marketing Efforts Aligned
When you’re running a business, your mind is all over the place. With so many things to  be done in the course of a day it can be easy to get off track and lose sight of the goal at hand. A marketing plan on the other hand helps you to determine what needs to be done at each stage and which things need to be ignored or removed. Plans such as this help to keep your team focused on the matters at hand and helps you to accomplish company goals a lot faster.
  1. Marketing Plans Help You Remain Proactive
In these digital times change is always constant. For businesses trying to stay ahead of the competition, it can be very tempting to react every time there is a new method of marketing or new technology to use. The problem is, when you’re constantly reacting instead of being proactive, you’re not in control of your marketing strategy. Instead, your competition is driving your efforts. Marketing plans help you to never fall victim to this trap. It clearly defines which strategies you’re going to be using so that you stay proactive and on track.
  1. A Good Plan Makes Finding New Opportunities Easy
Adaptability is important in the world of marketing and having a strategic marketing plan in place helps you to easily spot the potential for new avenues to put you ahead of the competition. When your plan is written out for you, it provides you with criteria for which to properly evaluate and assess marketing trends to determine if the new changes are worth investing in.
  1. Keeps Everyone On One Accord
Even the best team of employees can end up on different pages in a book. If you want to ensure that everyone is on the same page it is important to have a marketing plan in place. This plan will act as the go to resource for your staff so that everyone can work together in reaching the common goal. A solid plan would help your staff to achieve goals, evaluate objectives, review strategies, and even present new ideas and tactics that could push your company forward.
  1. Facilitates Measurements
A good marketing plan will also provide you with the necessary framework to measure your marketing attempts. Reviewing things like website traffic, social media followings, link clicks, and email click throughs is imperative to determine which avenues are working and which are a waste of time. Through proper measurement and evaluation companies can streamline marketing processes and put more effort into areas that will make their brand a household name.

If you look back at all of these factors, you can clearly see why having a marketing plan in place is imperative to your company’s success. The value of a quality plan far exceeds the potential out of pocket expense or investment that might be required to generate one. It ensures your goals are met, keeps everyone one the same team, allow you to maximize your resources, and more importantly find the best avenues for reaching your target audience. If you don’t currently have a marketing plan in place, it is advised that you start drafting one so you’ll be ready to tackle the New Year.



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Thursday, 17 January 2019
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