Decorate your bar and restaurant to attract more diners!

The right decorations for your bar and restaurant can help attract a large number of customers. There are numerous ideas and ways to give your space its own unique personality. Below are some things to consider in decorating your bar and restaurant.

Set a theme

Some restaurant owners make the mistake of choosing restaurant and bar furniture and decorations at random. Mismatching chairs, tables and other objects with different designs can look unattractive. It is essential for any successful restaurant and bar to have a theme for their decorations and furniture.

There are numerous themes you can base your establishment around, including:

  • Classical – A classical theme has an 18th century setting where the decorations are what’s popular during this time period. Furniture made for a high class western restaurants are highly suitable for this décor.
  • Countryside – A countryside theme utilises the casual setting of a provincial diner. Decorations used here can be replicas of farm tools or barn animals. This is suited for restaurants serving breakfast menu items.
  • Sports centre – A sports centre theme focuses on athletic games. Decorations and furniture used here are related to any sporting events such as a set of baseball equipment or tables with the logo of famous soccer teams. This is suited for bars near a stadium where it can attract fans after any game.

Now that you have selected a theme, the next decoration you need to consider is the lighting fixtures of your restaurant or bar. Proper visibility is the key to increase the chances of your diners coming back. This is due to how lighting can significantly affect a person’s appetite. If the right level of brightness is used, a diner can be enticed by the food and their surroundings.

It is recommended to choose the right light fixture based on the theme or mood you want for your restaurant. For example, a family themed restaurant can make use of bright halogen lamps to create a calm setting. Modern light fixtures, with an adjustable bulb to lower the amount of brightness, are a suitable decoration for any bar.

Choosing the right colour

With your theme and lighting set, the next thing to consider is the overall colour of your restaurant and bar. Colours can effectively influence a person’s mood and their appetite. The theme of the restaurant or bar can help you in determining which colour scheme to choose from. The right furniture, wallpaper, paint and decorations which match the scheme can help enhance the ambience of the dining area.

For example, most coffee shops use the colour red and green. Red signifies activeness while green symbolises freshness. Both attributes are suited for coffee. This can help attract customers to their shop if the decors are able to utilise these colours. Blue symbolises calm and invokes a sense of coolness. This colour scheme is suitable for beach bars or a roadside restaurant.

You will be able to attract more diners to your bar and restaurant if you can harmonise your interior design aesthetics.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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