Technology is the Future of Digital Marketing Say Gartner


For many years, the  line has being blurring between technology and marketing. Now, Chief Marketing Officers are commanding even larger tech budgets than ever before. In this article we will look at the top 5 tips from Gartner. Each year the Gartner Hype Cycle tells us what is in store for Digital Marketing & Advertising, their advice is:

'Pay attention to artificial intelligence, managing your data, and the relationship between martech and adtech.'


According to Gartners CMO 2017 Strategy Survey, the biggest trends in marketing over the next 18 months will be customer experience, customer retention and growth. Marketers are exploring technologies to leverage data from the wide range of audience touch points available such as website, social media, customer profiles and other sources.  According to Bryan Yeager, research director, Gartner for Marketers:

“Marketers pursuing tailored, real-time engagement require a strong, flexible data foundation that increasingly involves transformative applications of artificial intelligence (AI),”



   2017 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising


Be patient with transformation projects
Rethink how your Real-time marketing is organized. While it is important to predict change, it is important to be able to effectively respond to unforseen developments.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): Look into AI now and find the best vendors with scalability experience to help you on your journey.
Customer journey analytics: Look beyond personas and use data to support customer journey mapping across key channels channels .


Artificial Intelligence and Marketing


Be wary of vendors promising to dramatically revolutionise your marketing using  Artificial intelligence. Research the area well, pick the best vendors, review case studies, establish test criteria and conduct pilot projects to test the application of Artificial Intelligence marketing in your organization.


Use data to enhance customer experiences

Customer data platforms (CDPs) must be seen as an investment in the future that may take time to realise its benefits on the bottom line. Data management platforms: Look internally to leverage your own data rather than using third-party data for your ad and content targeting.


The marriage of Martech and Adtech

Customers will move seamlessly between their devices using a work laptop, personal phone and tablet. Use cross-device identification to determine the best solutions to provide a more complete understanding of customers and prospects. Ensure that sales and marketing teams are aligned using Account-based marketing (ABM) to  engage audiences and report accurately.


Brand safety a top digital advertising priority

Ad blocking is a big problem for brand owners and  advertising platforms who should work together to develop native solutions that complement content rather than interrupting audiences. Win back the trust of audiences by using ad verification to filter out unreliable publishers.



What do you think?

What is the future of Digital Marking in your organization? What are your key Digital Marketing priorites in the year ahead? Let me know on LinkedIn or Twitter


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