Data Backup and Recovery

Eonvia is frequently called into small businesses for data backup and recovery. In most cases, data can be recovered, but it is amazing how many small businesses do not back up their data thinking that pressing the “save button” is sufficient. The hard disk is a device inside your PC or server where all your documents, spread-sheets, databases and images along with the data required to run Windows, and the programs that you use are stored. Internally, it’s a sealed mechanical device with a platter of disks, which store the data. And because it’s mechanical, it can fail – and that’s why you need a backup.

Data Backup Solutions

Eonvia would recommend that a business should have two back up’s.

The first data backup should be to a device located in your office. For a small business, this is typically an external hard disk which you can plug into the PC.

Depending on the complexity of your needs, you might need to back up your full system alternatively you might just need to backup certain files. The key thing is to understand what is critical to your business and back it up accordingly. Backups should be frequent and automatic, or they won’t happen – and though an old backup is better than none at all, a backup from 5 minutes ago is what we all strive for.

There is often no need to buy fancy backup software for small businesses. Windows have a backup option built in, so you can try that first before you invest in anything more up-market.

The second data backup should be an off-site backup. In the old days, this meant making a backup on a disk or tape and physically storing it in another place. However, these days, there is “Cloud backup” where the backup data is streamed to a computer on the internet. If you don’t have very much critical data, this might even be free.

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Cloud Data Backup Solutions Points to Note

Firstly, the data to be backed-up should be encrypted before it leaves your PC or server – you don’t want it snooped in transit to its final storage place. Secondly, only you should have the encryption keys, so no-one else can access your data. And finally, you should choose your cloud data backup solution based on the amount of data you have and the amount of broadband bandwidth you have. If the office goes up in smoke, there is no point having a huge amount of data backed up on a US based server if it’s going to take you five days to download it all again.

Should you require assistance on Data Back Up, and Recovery give the team at Eonvia a call.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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