Creative Ways to Write About Your Small Business


Many small businesses owners often find themselves in a dilemma; they don’t want to spend a lot of money in creating expensive ads to become a success yet advertising and marketing are necessary. Well, all they need is to come up with creative and innovative ideas to achieve greatness. It does not matter the kind of business that you’re in, the secret is how unique and different are you?

Below are tips to help your small business get noticed:

Focus Should Be on Customers

It is vital that you know who your clients are because they are what make a company. It is, therefore, logical to write about your customers first. You need to identify your customers’ needs. Make sure to use more ‘you’ and less ‘me’.

Tell Your Business Story

Every business has something to say about how they got started. Everybody likes to hear a founding story, so, share yours! The “About Us” should be able to tell a story about your company. Choose a method which helps you tame your brand, e.g., how your business changed the lives of people. Do not be surprised if people can relate to you.

Tell Us About Your Employees

This is an excellent way for your customers to know the people who help in the contribution of your business. You can have their pictures on the website and the titles that they hold. You can also include the employee of the month on the site to make customers aware of what’s going on in the company.

Be Extraordinary

It is vital for customers to know what makes you unique about your business. It might take time for you to discover what it is that makes you stand out. Make it your business to find that edge about your company. You can hire a writer who has experience in literature review outline to help you come up with the best idea to get you that catchy phrase. Sometimes, just having that unique name can make you an overnight sensation.

Doing Charity Work

You will find that this is an efficient way of getting publicity positively. You can pick the right charity organization where you pledge to give financial aid after a specified period. It’s a win-win situation as the charity gets funding and you get to build goodwill with the people. It’s not a must, however, that a fund is tied directly to you. It can be sponsored walks or just donations of goods and services.

Include Ways You Want to be Reached

It is vital that your customers get to you quickly without getting frustrated in the process. It’s not shocking to know that some business owners have not made it easy to get contacted. You can find that they are still using disconnected numbers as their contact number, seeing the website has not updated their new business hours or new phone numbers. Make sure then to add multiple sites on your website like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is essential to include your email address too.

Reward Customers Who Give Reviews

It is crucial for your customers to provide feedback about your business. However, not many of them are willing to give it freely so consider ways of encouraging them. Most hotels have adopted this method, and they will provide extra meals or cash prizes if you agree to take part in their reviews.

The same approach can be used when it comes to your business. You can offer incentives to clients who complete their surveys. There are many ways to do this like giving special coding on Facebook; local search engines allow you to share discount and coupons on their site. There are so many options and it is up to you to come with the best offer to entice your customers.

Your Website Should be Current

It can look bad on your side if your customers check your site and realize that you never update it. Fresh content is critical for your website. You can get help from digital solutions providers. They can as well help you with Search Engine Optimization, social media campaigns, and so many more services to help you boost your business online.

Get an Endorsement

Finding the right people to partner with is essential. If they have been in the market for a while and had credibility and visibility, the better it is for your business. They can help you boost your business with their endorsements. Their following can help you gain potential customers. They also make you look good amongst community members.


To make your website stand out, you need to come up with creative ideas. Be clear about your company and most importantly be sincere with your clients. You don’t want to leave your customers confused about your business and not getting the message that you’re trying to pass along. Lastly, you should make yourself as available to them as possible and stay current in case there are questions to be asked.




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Monday, 23 September 2019
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