Creating Apps to Market Products

The market for mobile applications is saturated, and it's rare nowadays for a new app to make much money in and of itself. However, that doesn't mean that your business should avoid creating apps. To the contrary, apps are among the most powerful and affordable marketing tools currently in existence. Indeed, your company stands to greatly increase its revenue if your apps effectively establish your brand and showcase your products. Let's look at how to successfully create apps to market products....

To start with the basics, an application is a program that's designed to work on a mobile device. It can be as simple as a list or as complex as a multiplayer video game. People buy apps at sites such as Google Play and Apple's App Store.


Before developing your app, try using websites like eBay, Google Trends, and Amazon to conduct some research. Find out which of your products consumers are most likely to purchase through applications, and focus your app marketing efforts on those items.

Next, think of a compelling way to demonstrate what your product does. You can use funny videos, attractive photos, or catchy music to draw attention to your product. Your app might even include coupons and links to your official website and social media pages.

You should probably make a simple application, one that performs a single task. Such an app will be cheaper and faster to develop and more reliable over the long haul. Indeed, dependability is vital. Thus, before releasing your app, repeatedly test it on various kinds of mobile gadgets. If it doesn't do exactly what it's supposed to, your company's reputation will suffer. An example of this would be Nu Skin and their TR90 app, they created it to be a weight and food journal for their diet. The app created product awareness. It's the most optimal way on how to make money with apps.


For inspiration, check out the Kraft iFood Assistant, which the company debuted in 2008. It's long been a smash success. This app lets people search through and view a wide variety of recipes. It also allows users to select ingredients and place them on digital shopping lists. As you can imagine, many of these ingredients are Kraft products. What's more, plenty of these recipes include coupons for Kraft items.

For its part, the athletic clothing company Oakley has put out an app called Surf Report, one that provides weather reports and data about tides and waves. The app is light on specific promotions, but it builds Oakley's brand as many of its users start associating the company with the outdoors in general and with surfing in particular.

Another enlightening application is Trailhead from The North Face. This app lets hikers find nearby trails, keep track of how fast they're going, and see how far they've gone. On top of that, it supplies the locations of the nearest stores operated by The North Face.


If you feel overwhelmed by your business responsibilities and can't find the time for making applications, you can approach a professional app developer and ask to advertise on one of his or her creations. If you take this approach, shop around for the most affordable prices. At the same time, make sure that the app you ultimately choose has a large and active fan base as well as a strong connection to your field. That is, if you sell baseball bats, try to locate an app that's popular with baseball enthusiasts or Little League players.

As a closing thought, remember that application marketing is still a brand new area, and companies large and small are coming up with exciting approaches all the time. With that in mind, don't be afraid to experiment, to delete apps that don't seem to be bringing in extra sales, and to keep starting fresh. If you're creative enough, you might devise an app marketing strategy that revolutionizes the field.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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