Creating A Strong Brand For Your Start-up Business

Starting your own business from scratch is something that is a dream for a lot of people and becoming self-employed represents the ultimate job role in which you answer to no one but yourself. However, for every Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg there are thousands of people that don’t make it big and end up paying the ultimate price in the form of large debts and broken relationships.

This shouldn’t put you off though as there are plenty of success stories around and it is arguably the best time to be embarking on your business venture as the government tries to do everything they can to help grow the economy and get our high street stores back on track.

Creating A Strong Brand For Your Start-up Business

So in order to ensure that your business doesn’t go the same way as those that have tried and failed; it is important to get your branding right from the start. The way you brand your company will set down a marker for what you want your business to be and it is very difficult to change this once you are up and running. It’s vital that you say the right things with your branding and build excellent relationships with your consumers from the offset.

But how do you go about doing that?

The Name Game

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but you should never under estimate the phrase ‘it’s all in the name’ because this has never been truer than when deciding what to call your business. You need to think of something that makes you stand out from the rest but something that is not too controversial that it may cause offense to some. You need to come up with something that explains what your business does in a few words so that people will immediately know what you’re all about when they hear the name.

You may be tempted to incorporate your name into the business title as it is likely to be you doing most of the work at the start, but bear in mind that it will become increasingly difficult to market yourself as the business the more it grows. You might also want to sell the business one day and your own name above the door could put off potential buyers.

Product Packaging

If you think of the most famous brands in the world you can almost always tell which products belong to them just by looking at the packaging. There are popular quizzes online which challenge people to guess the brand name just by looking at the logo and it’s only when you think about how iconic some of these are that you can truly see the value of product packaging. The brands that we relate to most have themes that run through their packaging; often using the same colours and styles to create an affinity between product and consumer.

When designing your packaging make sure you think about whether it will appeal to your target audience and whether it will stand out when placed on the shelves with all of your competitors’ items. Order tins and aluminium bottles in bulk to get a better deal and ensure that the design you put onto them gives potential buyers all the information they need.

Networking And Business Cards

Networking is a great way to spread the word in your early stages as an entrepreneur. There are chapters situated in towns and cities all over the country and you’re sure to find people that will be interested in both buying from you and building a business partnership with your brand. It also gives you the perfect chance to tell everyone exactly what your businesses is all about; straight from the horse’s mouth. There is no better advocate of your company than you personally and so you need to take as much advantage of this as possible.

No networking venture is complete without a great business card though. Long after you’ve finished your spiel about how great your company is people might be struggling to remember your name or the name of your business, and so a business card is a great form of marketing that they can take away with them and carry at all times.

When thinking of ideas for your cards; try to come up with something a little out of the ordinary. Standard cards which just state your name and contact information are slightly dull in this day and age so try to come up with something that better suits your brand. For example I have seen a fitness instructor’s card that was made of rubber and you had to pull it apart to see the contact info. With technology these days you can also incorporate something like NFC or augmented reality into your business cards to give them that extra dimension; literally.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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