Content Marketing: Five Social Forums to Share Content

‘Content is King’ – this remains constant amidst the changes all around. But how many of us actually know the trick behind creating a ‘kingly Content’? Quality content is the most important element, however getting it across the right masses makes the entire content marketing process complete. If you write and share fantastic content, your community is more likely to become your client, remain your loyal client, and send you more of them.

Spread Your Words With Social Media...

#Integrating the Basic Social Media Plan

  • Goal: Content should serve as a means to gain followers on social channels, drive brand awareness and convert the viewers into your desired customers.
  • Type of content: Considering which messages are appropriate for each channel and which of them resonates with specific audience, customize the content you plan to distribute.
  • Tone of the channel: It is critical to determine the overall tone of the channels as and when you share content on each one of them. Check whether it is friendly, conversational, fun or professional?
#Facebook and Twitter’s Native Video is about to Transform Content Marketing
  • Facebook Native Video: Posting content only on Facebook limits the potential relationship brands can build with their audience. There has to be some different algorithm advantages. Keeping this in mind, Facebook developed its native video empire adding auto play, mobile function, and view counts. The importance of short and visually appealing video content cannot be overlooked. The auto play provides a great opportunity to grab visitor’s attention and engage them in real time. Content marketers can now post through native video player to drive greater Facebook Traffic.
  • Twitter’s Native Video: It is not just Facebook, but Twitter also launched its native player to help content marketers and advertisers create premium video content. The six-second auto play allows content creators to be more flexible with the video structuring. This is an excellent way to reach the target audience within a short span of time.
With the advent of native video players, there will be significant changes in the way content marketers create and distribute video content.

#Google Plus to Amplify your Content Marketing

Google Plus is catching up with 50% of internet users having a Google Plus account.  When you connect Google Authorship with Google+ profile, it builds a confirmed connection between the content and its creator. Using Google Plus gives you the following benefits of content promotion

  • Enhance Visibility: Once you start posting content on Google Plus community, you establish a dynamic presence on the search engines too. The Google Plus layout is more visual.
  • Group Followers and Interact: You can group the followers of your brand using Google Circle and interact with your target group using Google Hangouts.
  • Connect to Influencers: Google Plus allows you to get connected with the influencers and make them talk positively about your brand.
  • Email your Audiences: If you check the little box at the bottom of your post that reads ‘Also send email to your circle’ in Google Plus, each of your followers in the circle will receive email and be aware of your content.
#The Key to killing it on LinkedIn is Content

In this content-driven marketing era, LinkedIn platform has enormous potentials

  • Content Marketing Score: With LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score tool, you’ll be able to market your content effectively by measuring your audience’s engagement with the content. The tool also determines which content is getting the best response and which aren’t.
  • Personalized Content: LinkedIn is a great platform to learn about the geographical location when you want to address specific audience members. You can also listen to what your audience has to say through social media listening tools and accordingly craft segment-specific content.
  • Top Results in Search Engine: Articles already published on LinkedIn appears at the top on Google. You’re more likely to see LinkedIn articles in Google as you release more content on this popular social media channel.
#Pinterest’s Visual Content Marketing is the Buzz

With human brain processing visual information 60,000 times faster than text, people respond better to visual information

  • Increase the Use of Visual Content: You can add videos, functional slideshares and podcasts within Pinterest boards to make it more interesting and engaging.
  • Encourage Contribution: Your Pinterest boards can be set into ‘group boards’ that allows your followers to add pins to them. You can also encourage user feedbacks to improve your social media activities.
  • Content Curation: Pinterest is an excellent content curation tool thereby making it a two-way communication channel instead of only one. The more you use Pinterest or pinner’s photos, the better you create niche networking circle.
Sharing your Content at Optimal Times

Posting content at the optimal times gives your content an edge. There is always a best time to post to social networks. Certain times proved to drive engagement to content. Posting the same content multiple times helps it to get exposed to different time zones thereby making the content reach people living in different parts of the world.

Your social presence is an extension of your brand. Help your brand reach your target mass through this mind blowing social media content marketing strategy.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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