Company Logo: The First yet Crucial Step in Visual Branding


When you google “pear”, you’ll get a slew of information related to this delicious fruit, but if you do the same with “apple”, your first page will be swamped with the tech giant’s details. The notion and the idea behind Apple has become so powerful that even the original and primary meaning of the word for the World Wide Web has become secondary at best – and this is what brilliant branding is all about.

Do your homework

Trends dictate many a branding practice, and logos are no exception, but only to an extent. If your audience likes simple, abstract, or letter-based logos, then that’s what you should aim for in essence. Then again, it’s one thing to respect their preferences, which is only one piece of the puzzle, but you should add a touch of innovation to your design.

Learn about what your competition is doing, what your customers like, but then give your logo a personal touch. It can be something as simple as a specific curve, stepping outside of the minimalistic mindset, or just a dab of a color – you should always strive for innovation, even in the slightest of details.

Personify your values

One of the greatest challenges of the design process is to simplify and condense the entire brand’s heritage, messaging, narrative, and values into a single symbol, preferably one that is easy to recognize, remember, and relate to. Now that’s a lot for a single image to convey, and yet that is its primary purpose.

When you start listing your own values, set up a brainstorming session to fill out a few pages (if not entire notepads) with ideas. The first ones tend to be cliché, but tap into your imagination, and more creative solutions will pop. Who knows, perhaps a prosaic suggestion may lead to an unexpected brilliant solution, as was the case with the Apple logo.

Make it timeless, but fluid

The experts in the field leading this Master in Visual Design at Raffles Institute Milano point out that visuals are a language of their own, a system of communication that helps bond brands with people. And as such, these languages need to be able to evolve and grow, without losing their primary purpose or their essence.

Some of the most iconic logos of all time, such as FedEx, aim to shift our point of view, and do so with such elegance and simplicity that there is very little left to change over the course of time. Others, on the other hand, like Apple, Google, or BMW, have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts in order to be at the forefront of innovation once more.

Customize if you can

Templates can rarely do justice to a brand that truly brings a breath of fresh air to any market, and sticking to existing fonts, styles, and symbols only to follow trends comes at a price. Invest time as much as finances into defining the logo that will represent your brand from its inception. Spending hours with your designer to find the right solution might not sound all that appealing, but if it results in the next Adidas or Amazon image, then it will be worth your while.

Play around with essential designer tricks such as using negative space, experimenting with colors, replacing your name with an image and vice versa, all the while looking for a new way to express your brand. Inventing a new font or a funky image may not seem like much, but it sends a powerful message and it will make for a brilliant way to earn your reputation.

Despite the fact that designing your logo is merely a fraction of your brand image, it will impact its growth to a great extent. In order to make the most of this seemingly small segment of your identity, do your best to keep up with the learning curve and your brand might have another key ingredient to stand the test of time.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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